The University of Chicago Magazine

February 1997


Blending poetry with calligraphy
and painting, the artists followed
where the brush led

Chong Son
Kumgang-san (Diamond Mountains)

The founder of "true-view" landscape painting, Chong Son focused on Korea's rivers and mountains rather than idealized Chinese landscapes. For this silk album leaf in ink and light colors, he com-bined classical, horizontal Mi dots with his own brush techniques.

  • Ch'oe Puk (1712-ca.1786): Landscape

  • So Pyong-o (1862­1935): Bamboo and Rock

  • Chong Son (1676­1759): Kumgang-san (Diamond Mountains)

  • Chi Un-yong (1852-1935): Standing Portrait of Su Tung-p'o

  • Chong Son (1676­1759): Old Pine Tree at Sajik Altar

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