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One of the many new disciplines emerging with the advent of the computer age, imaging science combines powerful software and imaging tools such as X-rays and electron microscopes to increase the range of properties scientists can observe and to improve the accuracy and reproducibility of images.

The U of C’s Center for Imaging Science—a joint project with Argonne National Laboratory—is still concocting a full-fledged Web site, but does have a Web “brochure” called “New Tools Reveal New Truths.” Besides providing a brief overview of the field and the Center for Imaging Science, the site depicts and describes the computer-aided work of researchers from around the University. Visitors can see more than 50 images, including fractals in a block of lucite, earthworm hemoglobin, and the Milky Way galaxy.

Even people in humanities use imaging science: McGuire Gibson, AM’64, PhD’68, of the Oriental Institute, processes satellite images to look for ancient settlements, while art historian Barbara Stafford, PhD’72, compares current scientific images to those of the 18th century. World Wide Web location: http://www-nmlt.uchicago. edu/cis/new_truths/index.html.

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