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Health policy expert Edward Lawlor to head SSA: Edward F. Lawlor, an associate professor in the School of Social Service Administration and the Irving B. Harris Graduate School of Public Policy Studies, becomes dean of the SSA on July 1.

A plethora of publishing prizes for anthropologist Marshall Sahlins: Awards are accumulating for Marshall Sahlins, a world re-nowned ethnographer and historian of Polynesia.

A great teacher talks about great books--children's books, that is :Winner of a 1998 Norman Maclean Faculty Award, professor emerita Zena Sutherland, ABí37, AMí68, is a legend in childrenís literature.
Alumni pluck a pair of Pulitzers: Two different takes on the American experience won 1998 Pulitzer Prizes for their authors, Katharine Graham, ABí38, chair of the executive committee of the Washington Post Company, and novelist Philip Roth, AMí55.
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