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June 1998

College musician saved by the bells: When arthritis set in during high school, Sean Duffy, '99, feared his musical career was ending. Then he discovered the U of C's Rockefeller Carillon. --by Kimberly Sweet
Connecting communities: Campus volunteer programs broaden undergraduate perspectives--and let town meet gown

Interview: Bert Cohler: An alumnus of and professor in the College discusses the impact of curricular change--and curricular tradition

Making democracy safe for the world: What made a three-day gathering of 50-some public figures and scholars, meeting at the University to discuss the political, social, and environmental demands on today's democracies, different from any other conference or symposium?
Job outlook bright: Pounding the pavement in search of a full-time job may seem passe to today's College grads: The recruiters just keep coming to them.
High (book) marks for College collectors: What began as a love of Indiana history has become a prize-winning book collection.
Double your major, double your fun: Beginning with the class of 1999, the transcripts of graduating College students will formally acknowledge the completion of dual concentrations.
Making it in the majors: Kimberly Ng, AB'90: The new assistant general manager for the New York Yankees makes the news.
Lincoln's modern job: Some 130 years after his death, Abraham Lincoln has a new career as a leadership trainer.
Capital work : After completing his 24th term and almost 50 years in Congress, Sidney R. Yates, PhB'31, JD'33, will retire at the end of the 105th Congress.
Dance devotee: Through years of persistence and dedication, Selma Jeanne Cohen, AB'41, AM'42, PhD'46, has transformed her love for dance into the artform's first comprehensive worldwide history.
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