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Beginning with the class of 1999, the transcripts of graduating College students will formally acknowledge the completion of dual concentrations.

Michael Jones, associate dean of the College, says a final decision on how the transcript language will be changed will be made this fall. Though the details are still being worked out, Jones says, "it is a good thing to give this formal recognition to students who put out the effort to complete two concentrations."

Whatever the final form, he says, the acknowledgment will more explicitly convey that a graduate has completed two concentrations in the course of earning a bachelor's degree. In the past, the registrar had noted on transcripts when students receiving bachelor's degree in one concentration had also fulfilled requirements for another, but hadn't officially named the second area of study as a concentration.

The College, notes Jones, will not acknowledge more than two concentrations. The College faculty agreed to strengthen acknowledgment language at the close of winter quarter, when the Committee of the College Council unanimously approved a request from the Student Government.

Official recognition of double concentrations-which in a typical year affects about 20% of graduating College students-was a major campaign promise of outgoing SG President John Maloney, '98. He relayed to College administrators strong student support for more official recognition of their extra work. About the decision, Maloney told the Chicago Maroon: "Hard-working students are being rewarded. It's a testament to their academic perseverance-and to what SG can do. It is no small achievement."-C.S.

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