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February 1999

Undergrads get world class experience: From Barcelona (above) to Bombay, more College students are traveling for their education.
Interview: Morton M. Silverman: The director of the Student Counseling and Resource Service talks about why undergraduates seek advice, and what kinds of help they get.

Curricular revisions draw national media attention: When changes in the College made the New York Times, others jumped on the media bandwagon.

Flying high with meteor-ologist Joanne Simpson: No earthbound pioneer, Joanne Gerould Simpson, SB’43, SM’45, PhD’49, prefers to explore the air.
Hitting the Books: In finals week, Harper Library stays open around the clock—and students are there.
Play Practice: Nine College students and one recent alumnus contributed more than acting skills to Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre’s fall production of The Berlin Circle.
Application up: For the 1999–2000 academic year, the College has seen a rise in applicants and in the number of applicants with high SAT scores.
Three for the Rhodes: For the first time in University history, the College can boast three Rhodes scholarship winners in a single year.
South Asian students unite: Learning to care about the welfare of others and deciding to help improve human conditions is a lifelong process, said Indian actor and Parliament member Shabana Azmi at the 11th annual South Asian Students Alliance conference held in downtown Chicago in January.
Good deeds done: Giving to charity isn’t a question for computer programmer Randy Smith, SB’86, and his partner, Lori Kenschaft, a graduate student in American history at Boston University.
Taste in Television: As head of a national television network, Dean Valentine, AB’76, doesn’t have much room for sentiment.
A novel approach: Dawn broke gently over the gardens of MPM Manor....It’s not the opening to one of her novels, but the real life of mystery writer Barbara Mertz, PhB’47, AM’50, PhD’52, on her ten-acre homestead—named MPM Manor—near Frederick, Maryland.
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