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Volume 95, Issue 1
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Morning and melancholia 
Geeks go Greek 
End of the Medical Marathon?
The worst of all possible worlds 

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GRAPHIC:  Also in every issueEditor's Notes
Drumroll, please.
The venue was HotHouse, the jazz, world music, and performing arts space around the corner from the Chicago Hilton and Towers, where the American Sociological Association was holding its annual meetings. The late-summer night was young, and the evening's star was a drummer-being honored for 25 years at his day job as an editor with the University of Chicago Press. In that quarter century Douglas Mitchell, AB'65, has, by Press director Paula Duffy's count, shepherded 750 titles into print. His range is as phenomenal as the numbers: classics, biography, law, political science, literature, philosophy, history, sociology, gay studies, and about "200 other titles that defy categorization."
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"…so one-sided it falls off my bookshelf."
Teaching the right audience
Generation gaffe
Judicial agenda
Getting the number right
Adjective, approach err
Callous multiculturalism?
Before Berwanger
Troubling allegations
Defending Western Civilization
Striking the wrong note
Meyer remembered
Breakaway strategies
Address correction
Drinking vs. alcoholism
Department of corrections
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From the President
The force of argument
President Don M. Randel considers issues of free speech and intellectual community.
Rambunctious debate. We take our right to it as an article of faith on this campus, and we think that, among other things, it sets us apart-for the better-from other institutions. But the world's troubles in the past year have compelled us, once again, to reflect on what we are prepared to tolerate, if not encourage, under the heading of rambunctious debate. Are there limits? If so, how would we define and enforce them?
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Oprah will not be missed
by Jessica Abel, AB'91
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