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Volume 95, Issue 1
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Rugged individualism
Almost every student has one, but that's where the similarity ends. As these photographs by Lloyd DeGrane attest, a backpack can be worn as is or accessorized. It can be stylish and trendy, or simple and functional (used as a carry-all or al fresco pillow). Backpacks and shoulder bags-like these spotted on campus during the waning weeks of summer-come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. Even packs that at first glance appear to be identical twins quickly reveal hints of their owners' personalities. Inside, individualism also prevails. Packs contain lunches, gym clothes, cell phones, handhelds, portable CD players. But all the packs and bags of Hyde Park have one thing in common: all are strong enough to bear the tomes Chicago students tote.


IMAGE:  Rugged individualism
Photographs by Lloyd DeGrane




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