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Volume 95, Issue 2
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GRAPHIC:  About AlumniCultural Studies

Can you hear me now? Good.
If a 19th-century anthropologist wandered onto today’s Chicago campus his field notes would likely contain an entry like this: “People of both sexes routinely stroll about with a small box-like object held to one ear, all the while reciting some sort of incantation.” Now, of course, we know better, and students no longer have to head to their campus homes or find a pay phone to make a call. Photographer Lloyd DeGrane encountered these walking-and-talking students. Whether or not they were staying in touch with family is anyone’s guess.

IMAGE:  Cultural Studies

Captions (clockwise, starting with top left image):

Nick Gurski, a math graduate student.

First-years Georgeta Dragoiu and Katherine Oppenheim.

First-year law student Anand Sheth in the Laird Bell Quadrangle.

The Swift Hall loggia is a place to stop and call.

In step: second-years Senad Osmanivic (left) and Satyajit Basu (right).

Second-year Gameli Dekayie.




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