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Volume 95, Issue 2
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The writing on the walks
Cheaper than a newspaper ad, more eco-friendly than flyers. No wonder students are chalking it up. Milton Friedman thought here. So have thousands of laissez-faire theorists, free spirits, and colorful eccentrics of one stripe or another. That may be why, when it comes to chalking, Chicago students are a relatively free bunch. "Chalking?" you may ask—but only if you've spent the past few months with your head in the clouds-or far from any college or university. Like crocheted ponchos, leather-fringed jackets, and other Sixties styles, chalked messages are again a big mode on campus. So big, in fact, that many institutions have developed rules governing their use. Some schools require groups to petition for permission to chalk; at one institution "unauthorized chalking" has been recorded on student transcripts. At least one school forbids "counter-chalking" within a certain distance of the original message, and many institutions limit chalking to specific areas of the campus.
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"Now that the joke has been had..."
Cutting edge
Bye bye birdie?
Pan letter
Fan letter
An editor of note
Marathon medics
The optimist's downfall
Where optimist meets pessimist
Back to the future
Our big fat greek mistakes
Squashing a sports error
Anti-semitism response
The hiss of wings
Swiss missed
Meyer's impact
Footnote to a headline
Building, experience not empty
Muslim mosaic
A forgotten great?
Nominees for alumni board
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From the President
Up for discussion
President Don M. Randel details 14 filled—and fulfilling—days in November.
What does the president actually do all day, every day? The short answer is meet with lots of different people about lots of different things. In a large, complex organization where lines of authority are not always clear, simply spending time with a range of people is essential. Luckily, it is also what gives the greatest pleasure in this job. Chicago, by its nature, is made up of interesting people, and there is much to be learned from them and much high-class fun to be had with them in daily life.
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Monsters of the Midway
by Jessica Abel, AB'91
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