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Volume 95, Issue 3
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"From encouraging terror to wasting pages"

Hey, that’s me!
It was a true surprise to see myself akimbo over a table in the December issue (page 48). Though no longer alive to keep the secret from, my parents would probably be as shocked today as they would have been 50 years ago to hear that I cut classes to misspend my youth in the Reynolds Club billiards and card rooms. Very worthwhile, though. As I’ve often remarked, my first two years as a Chicago undergrad taught me how to live well beyond my station in life.

Jim (“Mouse”) Schoenwetter, AB’54, AB’55
Tempe, Arizona

When I came to the December issue’s back inside cover, I found that the middle person in Stephen Lewellyn’s “Ida Noyes quartet” is ME. Imagine having my image represented in your pages when I was, in 1946–47, perhaps the worst student the U of C ever tried to educate. Most likely, I was socializing at Ida Noyes, instead of in my Spanish or Math 101-2-3 classes. I can’t really remember the names of my co-socializers but I think the one sitting on the floor was Norma Carson. Can that be right? Anyone know who the others were?

Harriet Weller, X’51
San Francisco

PHOTO:  Winter bride wore white—on white.
Winter bride wore whiteon white.

I enjoyed reading the “Retrospective” of Stephen Lewellyn’s photography career (December/02), especially when I saw the picture of him getting ready to shoot my wedding on January 28, 1967! You may appreciate the picture he took of us that was on the cover of our local paper two weeks later.

A slight correction: Mr. Lewellyn was leaving from his studio at 107th Western Avenue, not 82nd Cottage Grove. He would never have made it from the Cottage Grove address!

Linda B. Motz, MBA’76
Wheaton, Illinois


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