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Volume 95, Issue 3
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Civility and the pursuit of truth
Can the two be reconciled in a university setting? Faculty and students meet and debate. It was a curious juxtaposition: life-sized angels carved from the ceiling ridgepoles soared above a scattering of yarmulke-covered heads, the former absorbed in their wooden scholarly readings and the latter in an interfaith dialogue on civility, attempting to bridge the divide between disinterested scholarship and communal inquiry.
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Chicago Journal

Office addresses minority issues
Office addresses minority issues
In one of a series of changes designed to improve recruitment and retention of minority students and faculty, a campus organization and a policy board have been created to replace and broaden the activities of the Coordinating Council for Minority Issues (CCMI).
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Printing money
At Harper Library the hum of laptops and fingers striking keyboards drowns out the rustle of turning pages. Personal digital assistants are omnipresent as students check their to-do lists or play Minesweeper before, after, and during class. But the technology wave has hardly turned the idea of a paperless campus into reality.
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The secret social lives of squirrels
They’re members of the U of C community that are rarely mentioned and often upstaged by their flashy, high-flying neighbor, the monk parakeet. Mostly seen as part of the scenery, they are resourceful, amusing, and when you’re holding a bagel, occasionally menacing. They’re lowly squirrels. But a November symposium elevated squirrels from campus clowns to research subjects. As part of the Animal Behavior Brownbag Series—weekly talks sponsored by the Laboratory of Comparative Development—Michael Pereira, SM’80, PhD’84, a research associate at the Lincoln Park Zoo, presented “The Secret Social Lives of Eastern Gray Squirrels, Sciureus carolinensis.”
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Chicago abroad
Since Chicago’s first tentative foray into study abroad—during the 1983–84 academic year, when seven third-years participated in the year-long, piggyback programs run in Paris by Sarah Lawrence College and in Bologna, Italy, by Brown University—Lewis Fortner has been the person for wanderlusting students to see.
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College Report
Students swing sports, studies
At many universities with strong athletic programs, the coaches and the admissions office are bitter enemies. Under pressure to put together the best team, some coaches beg or bully admissions officers into relaxing standards for athletically talented—but academically below par—recruits.
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