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Volume 95, Issue 3
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On the quads
Sean Campbell, AB’02, became the U of C’s 37th Rhodes Scholar in December. Currently an Urban Fellow with the New York City Economic Development Corporation, the Brooklyn native plans to study economic and social history at Oxford; he’s particularly interested in combating poverty and homelessness. Last spring he won the College’s Barnard prize for an American history thesis, writing on U.S. efforts to help Latin American poor....

Second-year Igor Serebryany made headlines for wanting “to help the hacking community”—the reason, he told federal investigators, that he allegedly stole hundreds of digital documents from satellite-TV provider DirecTV and posted them to three pirate Web sites. Serebryany was arrested in Los Angeles January 3 under the 1996 Economic Espionage Act and could face ten years in prison and a $250,000 fine. He obtained the documents, which describe new technology to control DirecTV access, while working for a document-preparation company that was imaging papers for a DirecTV civil lawsuit....

First-year geophysical-sciences concentrator Steve Brusatte from Ottawa, Illinois, has written Stately Fossils (Fossil News), a book chronicling state fossils, dinosaurs, and fossil stones and gems. The aspiring paleontologist, who is “working with Paul Sereno on a few things,” began reading Fossil News magazine as a high-school freshman, and by his junior year he was contributing a monthly series on state fossils. It was so popular that his editor suggested Brusatte write a book, which he finished early his senior year. Thirty-four states have official fossils, Illinois’s being the “strange, worm-like” tully monster. For more information visit

The General Studies in the Humanities concentration expanded winter quarter into Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities (ISHum) and now offers two options—one in various humanities fields and the other in theater and the performing arts. David Bevington, ISHum chair, says the new name “sounds more professional, more serious, more focused.” Next fall Germanic-studies associate professor David Levin will cochair ISHum, directing the theater option.

— Amy Braverman



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