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Volume 95, Issue 3
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Practice Shots

Dan Dry

Mary Ruth Yoe

Here's a look at nine of the most in-demand spaces on campus: the Goodspeed Hall practice rooms.

In the hierarchy of Goodspeed Hall's practice rooms, graduate students in music get first dibs, followed by undergrads concentrating in the department, then members of departmental performance ensembles, next students in general, then faculty, staff, spouses, and alumni. Class sessions, like Mwata Bowden's Jazz Theory and Improvisation course or chamber music coachings with the Pacifica Quartet, trump everything. Rooms are open from 8:30 a.m. til 10 p.m. on weekdays, 10 til 5 on Saturdays, and noon til 10 on Sundays.

IMAGE:  Practice ShotsThe rhythm of occupancy follows time of day (mornings are slow), upcoming performances, and week into the quarter. And usage is growing, says Barbara Schubert, director of performing programs: "This year I auditioned more freshmen than ever before" for the department's 11 ensembles. It's just as important for those who don't make a group to have practice space and time "People who stop participating in music during college often don't go back to it. They need to get the model of working music into their lives."






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