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JUNE 2003
Volume 95, Issue 5
GRAPHIC:  Also in every issueEditor's Notes
By the yard, by the meter, by the paper plate

A Renaissance Society exhibition offers a different way to take the measure of Cobb Hall.
Twenty-some Junes ago I stood with my father at the edge of a Maryland tobacco field, watching as my younger brothers planted into the evening. “Do you know why I farm?” Daddy asked. Because his questions were generally rhetorical, I waited. “I farm for the curve of the trees against the sky,” he replied. Then, his voice shifting gears, he yelled out to my brothers: “Get that *#i*!-ing tractor back in line!”
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It might sound ridiculous, but “potty parity” is an issue…
Brief beef
Tangent fans and pans
Survival tactics
Unclouding the issues
Patent profit?
Color-blind policy
Cockroach note breeds another
Condoms and AIDS
High cost of athletic support
Quinquennial arithmetic
Fighting words
More on suicide terrorism
Defining democracy
Calling alums of Asian descent
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From the President
It isn’t for everyone, but…

President Don M. Randel on what’s truly Chicago about the University’s Law School.
The Law School has celebrated its 100th anniversary this academic year. Events throughout the year culminated in reunions and a festive dinner at the Field Museum, attended by about 1,200 people, in early May. Even the Wall Street Journal took proper notice. Its eye-catching phrase was “a nirvana for nerds” (May 23, 2003).
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Cartoonist Jessica Abel, AB'91, observes a medical-school rite of spring: Match Day.
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