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JUNE 2003
Volume 95, Issue 5

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It might sound ridiculous, but “potty parity” is an issue…

Unclouding the issues
Gerald Graff (“Clouding the Issues,” April/03) is a beacon of light regarding the problems in higher education. I wish someone could be as lucid and perceptive describing the problems in and solutions for primary education.

Some time after reading Allan Bloom’s Closing of the American Mind, on a chance visit to 57th Street Books I heard Mr. Graff discussing his first book with a student. Out of curiosity I glanced at the jacket’s blurb and bought the book. At the time the “intellectuals” and would-be intellectuals and even pseudointellectuals (a popular term in my era) were touting Mr. Bloom’s book.

I felt that Allan Bloom had got it wrong and that he and his ideas were not the solution but the problem. Mr. Graff had it right. The failure of my alma mater, which I dearly love, to keep him indicates that their heads are in the sand.

Seeing many of the developments at the University of Illinois, Chicago, we in Chicago can be happy that it is not only a first-class academic center but also has the potential of becoming a truly top-tier institution.

Eugene L. Balter, AB’50, MD’56

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