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GRAPHIC:  University of Chicago Magazine
Volume 95, Issue 6

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Park and read

After nearly a year of construction and landscaping, a new Reader’s Garden opened this June just south of Harper Library. With curving walkways, bountiful shrubbery, and well-placed benches, the garden provides what the campus master plan calls “a connection between the intellectual pursuits of the University and the physical joys of being outdoors.”

Covering four acres between Ellis Avenue and Woodlawn Avenue, the garden was built around a 150-ton statue of Swede Carl von Linné, better known as Linnaeus (of scientific-classification fame). The monument was transported to campus from Lincoln Park in 1976 and rededicated by Carl XVI Gustav, the king of Sweden. The move was supported by Chicago’s Sweedish community to provide a site where groups could gather for traditional celebrations.

One piece of a grand plan to invigorate the Midway Plaisance, the Reader’s Garden will be joined by a children’s garden and playground, an urban horticulture center with demonstration gardens, a winter garden, and a health and healing garden.


IMAGE:  Architectural Details
Photo by Dan Dry
Linnaeus contemplates the new Reader’s Garden on the Midway.


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