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Volume 95, Issue 6
GRAPHIC:  Also in every issueEditor's Notes
Ah, wilderness!

The whistle of the Metra, the roar of the yellow-bellied builder’s crane. Then there’s real nature in action.
In recent weeks the ducklings of Duck Island, that webbed pied-à-terre in the center of Botany Pond, had to make way not only for backpacked pedestrians but also for bulldozers, cranes, pipelayers, compressors, and more—all assembled to install chilled-water lines in the Main Quad. The digging of the trenches began the Monday morning after June Convocation—right beside Botany Pond. Unruffled, the ducklings took the commotion in stride. As did the red-eared turtles, frogs, and heron who are also in residence and make the pond popular with students, toddlers, and at least one very interested Chesapeake Bay retriever.
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