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By the Numbers

IMAGE:  by the numbers hot dog man
Photo by Dan Dry

Scav Hunt 2004

Years Scav Hunt has been held: 18

Teams participating this year: 9

Items on the list: 256

Duration of the hunt: 84 hours

Number of judges: 14

Judges who visited U-Va this spring to advise organizers of that school’s first ever scavenger hunt: 4

Most points offered for an item, “The Observatory of the Aughra”: 400

Points offered per square foot of a giant sombrero: 12

Square footage of largest sombrero constructed on the quads: 314

Number of hoses on the “most social hookah” called for in item No. 132: 10

Points awarded for eating one’s own preserved umbilical cord stuffed into
a Twinkie:

Respective final placement of Snell-Hitchcock, Palevsky, and the Federation of Independent Scav Hunt Teams (FIST): 1st, 2nd, 3rd


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