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Action anthro footnote
The article about the Meskwaki experiment (“Where the Action Was,” April/04) was of particular interest to me. I recall Sol Tax talking about his action anthropology program as I was girding up to write a history department dissertation, “A History of the Fox Indians,” whose official sponsor was Daniel Boorstin, with Sol being the real mentor. For a variety of circumstances I ended up with only the ABD. However, I had completed the first several chapters tracing the Sak (Sauk) and Fox tribes (or perhaps clans) from the first European awareness of them in the Jesuit records. Several years ago, after volunteering at the Newberry Library before moving to San Diego, I polished up those pages and gave them to the Newberry’s Ayer Collection.

An interesting sidelight to the Meskwaki history is that after being moved west of the Mississippi by President Jackson they returned to harvest their crops. The Illinois militia chased them back. One of the companies involved was commanded by “A. Lincoln,” although it did not participate in the skirmish. One of my old friends from Hyde Park High School days, Hugh Martin, has inherited the family farm in Little York, Illinois, where the skirmish took place and where one of his ancestors actually was killed.

Eugene Telser, AM’50
San Diego

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