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Let them be taxed!

A more revealing measure of taxable income counters the long-held belief that tax hikes for the rich will shrink, rather than boost, tax revenue, says Austan Goolsbee, a GSB assistant professor. In a study for the National Bureau of Economic Research, he shows that a slight dip in the taxable income of some 10,000 top executives primarily resulted from their exercise of stock options, not the 1993 tax hike. Previous studies ignored the flexibility of the execs' income.

A one-two punch against cancer

Combining angiostatin-a naturally produced chemical that inhibits the formation of new blood vessels-with radiation therapy enhances the anti-cancer effects of each, reports a multi-university team of medical researchers in the July 16 issue of Nature. Led by Ralph Weichselbaum, the chair of the U of C's department of radiation and cellular oncology, the team's discovery could aid in the fight against tumors by providing more local control of cancers.

What, us prudes?

A recent study by Harris School dean Robert Michael may explain why Americans have a higher rate of sexually transmitted diseases than Britons. Based on surveys of 23,000 individuals, aged 16 to 59, from both countries, Michael found that Americans tend to be more promiscuous but less open about sex and less apt to practice safe sex. His conclusion: "Our public health may be the high price we pay for our public opinion."

Facing the threat of cyberanarchy

Should anarchy reign in cyberspace? Not according to Jack Goldsmith, a Law School associate professor. Goldsmith argues in an upcoming U of C Law Review article that regulation of cyberspace should follow the standards applied to the telephone, the mail, and other communications media. If an activity is illegal off the Net, he contends, it should be illegal on the Net as well.-M.B.

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