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1998 Alumni Association Award Winners

For Robert M. Halperin, PhB’47, the University has always been a family affair: His mother Edna, brother Warren, AB’51, and son Mark, AB’81, attended the U of C. And so, in the midst of a successful business career, Halperin has dedicated much of his free time to the University. Over the past two decades, he has led alumni and development activities in Northern California, helping to raise more than $25 million for the 1991–96 Campaign for the Next Century.

In the 1980s, Halperin put his expertise as president of Menlo, California–based Raychem Corporation to use for the University as chair of the physical sciences visiting committee. During the late 1980s, he helped to form the ARCH Development Corporation, which adapts technologies developed by the U of C to corporate needs. From 1990 to 1996, he served as national chair of the College Fund, setting up the class agent volunteer structure, now the fund’s cornerstone. He was also a member of the U of C Alumni Association Cabinet.

Now a life trustee of the University, Halperin has chaired the President’s Council, and he currently co-chairs the Board of Trustees’ major gifts committee. Over the past 15 years, he has closely advised presidents Hanna Gray and Hugo Sonnenschein. Despite having to fly cross-country, Halperin has rarely missed a meeting of the Board of Trustees, serving as its vice chair and on its centennial, financial-planning, development, and presidential-search committees.

Thomas J. Campbell, AB’73, AM’73, PhD’80

Professional Achievement Citation

A fourth-term congressman, Campbell, R-Calif., has helped to preserve more than five million acres of public lands and to secure equal access to public education for immigrant children. A professor at Stanford University since 1983, he teaches economics, anti-trust law, and international trade.

Gertrude Himmelfarb, AM’44, PhD’50

Professional Achievement Citation

Himmelfarb, a professor emerita of history at City University of New York, a member of the Presidential Advisory Commission on the Economic Role of Women, and an expert on 19th-century Victorian England, was named the 1991 Jefferson Lecturer by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Stefan Heym, AM’36

Professional Achievement Citation

An important dissident voice in the former German Democratic Republic, Heym, now a member of Germany’s parliament, wrote several novels portraying the reality of Hitler’s Germany, including Hostages and The Crusaders. He also edited Das Deutsche Volksecho, an influential German-American newspaper published in the United States.

Vivian Gussin Paley, PhB’47

Professional Achievement Citation

A former University of Chicago Laboratory Schools teacher and the only kindergarten teacher ever to win a MacArthur fellowship, Paley has received an Erikson Institute A- ward for service to children and authored numerous books and articles on the development of new social and moral environments in the classroom community.

William A. Shack, AM’57

Professional Achievement Citation

Shack, a professor emeritus at University of California, Berkeley, and author of the first social anthropological study of Ethiopia, is one of only two social anthropologists to re- ceive France’s Chevalier l’Ordre National du Merite. At Berkeley, he helped to increase the number of minority and women faculty members and graduate students.

David P. Watts, AM’77, PhD’83

Professional Achievement Citation

An expert on mountain gorillas, Watts directed Rwanda’s Karisoke Research Center after the death of its former director Dian Fossey. Now a professor at Yale, he has written many publications on mountain gorillas and the endangered chimpanzees in Uganda’s Kibale Forest, and helped Rwandan students become involved in research.

Christine K. Cassel, AB’67

Public Service Citation

A leader in the field of geriatrics, Cassel has called attention to the importance of health care for the elderly. During the 1980s, Cassel served as the leader of Physicians for Social Responsibility, organizing the group’s educational campaign on the medical effects of nuclear war, work for which it won the 1985 Nobel Peace Prize.

Abbott B. Lipsky, PhB’34

Public Service Citation

Lipsky devotes his time to education, health, community development, and civil-rights issues in Cedar Rapids, IA. A leader in the local Jewish community, he served as the first chair of the city’s civil-rights commission. Lipsky is also a long time volunteer for the Cedar Rapids Board of Review, fielding and adjusting complaints related to local tax grievances.

Robert M. Weissbourd, JD’79

Public Service Citation

A longtime community activist in Chicago, Weissbourd is vice president of Shorebank Corporation, a development bank holding company that encourages investment in the inner city. Weissbourd also has been active for 20 years in Chicago community and civic groups, promoting civil rights and nonprofit agencies.

Arnold J. Wolf, AA’42

Public Service Citation

Rabbi Wolf has been active in Middle East peace talks and issues of social justice in Chicago. He chaired Breira, a Middle East peace project, and spoke at the UN conference on Palestine. The former leader of KAM Isaiah Israel synagogue in Hyde Park, he served as the first Jewish representative to the World Council on Churches.

Lisa Boulden, AB’91, AM’92

Young Alumni Service Citation

Recently named to the University of Chicago Club of Metropolitan Chicago board of directors and a mem- ber of the young alumni task force, Boulden created a paid six-week mayoral internship program for U of C students. She helped plan her College class’s 5th reunion, and served on the SSA Alumni Association’s board.

Lisa Diane Magnas, AB’88

Young Alumni Service Citation

As its president, Magnas led the New York City Alumni Club to a fourfold increase in volunteerism and created a community service program. She also imported the Latke-Hamentasch debate to New York, initiated alumni career networking programs, and chaired her 10th reunion committee.

Richard L. Bechtolt, PhB’46, AM’50

Alumni Service Citation

A member of the Alumni Association’s Board of Governors for 10 years, Bechtolt has encouraged giving among recent grads. He chaired his 50th reunion and also won the Alumni Service Citation in 1997.

Mary J. Grimshaw, AB’38

Alumni Service Citation

A U of C volunteer for the past six decades, Grimshaw has especially contributed to the Oriental Institute, where she helped steer its recent building project and conducted an inventory of its collections.

William C. Naumann, MBA’75

Alumni Service Citation

A two-term Alumni Association president, Naumann focused on new ways to engage alumni. As director and president of the GSB executive program’s alumni club, he helped diversify its activities.

Walter Pozen, AB’53, JD’56

Alumni Service Citation

For years, Pozen brought nationally recognized speakers to campus. As the Washington, D.C., regional chair of the Campaign for the Next Century, he set a fund-raising record for the region.

C. Robert Tully, AB’43, MBA’46

Alumni Service Citation

A long-term member of the College Visiting Committee, Tully has been vocal in issues of campus life. A GSB corporate contact, he is also spearheading a campaign for the U of C’s new athletic center.

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