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Alumni board elects new officers, members

At its April meeting, the Alumni Association Board of Governors elected a new slate of officers and eight new board members, who began their two-year terms in July. A vice president of the board for the past four years and a member since 1992, Washington Post columnist Bob Levey, AB'66, succeeds Sports Illustrated president Michael J. Klingensmith, AB'75, MBA'76. Under Klingensmith, the board published the first annual Alumni Gateway resource guide and established a U of C alumni credit card. As past president, he remains on the board for one year.

New president Levey hopes the board can contribute to the U of C in "admissions, fund-raising, and general tub-thumping." Chicago, he says, "is a terrific place-always was, still is. Alumni know that best and have a critical role to play, especially in admissions and careers-admissions because we can do the most effective hand-to-hand recruiting, careers because we know the value of a U of C education and can help place students and graduates." While calling on alumni "to sing the song in our home communities," Levey wants to make alumni more prominent on the quads as well and plans to push for an alumni center "to place an alumni presence physically in the center of campus."

The other new officers are vice presidents Katharine L. Bensen, AB'80; Paul A. Volberding, AB'71; and Geralyn A. Yoza, AB'81, MBA'87. All three serve on the board's marketing task force. Bensen, former president of the Chicago alumni club, has also been on the board's awards and nominating committees, while Yoza, past president of the Los Angeles alumni club, is also a member of the board's nominating committee.

The board's new members are: Daniel Hertzberg, AB'68, winner of the 1988 Pulitzer Prize for investigative journalism, deputy managing editor at the Wall Street Journal, and the Magazine advisory committee's new chair; Francisco Gil Diaz, AM'69, PhD'82, president of the Mexico alumni club; Danette Gentile Kauffman, AM'69, chair of the graduate fund for the humanities and a member of the humanities visiting committee; Alan Levy, AB'63, JD'65, former president of the alumni club and chair of the alumni schools committee in Milwaukee; Anthony F. Martin, AB'78, AM'79, a member of his 10th and 20th reunion committees and chair of his 15th; Judith Hahn Meguire, AB'76, MBA'77, a member of the Women's Board and chair of her 20th reunion; Sherrie Negrea, AB'82, president of the Rochester alumni club; and Nancy Mikolas Parra, AM'66, PhD'73, president of the Houston alumni club.

Departing are Caroline Heck Miller, AB'71; Sue Watkins Parker, AB'65; Gregory G. Wrobel, AB'75, JD'78, MBA'79; Mary B. Van Meerendonk, AB'64; and Adrianne Harvitt, AB'75, MBA'76.-M.B.

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