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Saskia Sassen calls for a democratic approach to globalizationís impact:The U of Cís newest sociology professor documents how the world economy does not affect everyone equally.

Hold the Eggplant?: And the potatoes? And the tomatoes? The foods you eat a day or two before surgery may change the way your body reacts to anesthesia.

The Whiz : Notorious for his distrust of the media, retired U.S. Supreme Court Justice Byron R. White would not grant an interview to Law School professor Dennis J. Hutchinson when Hutchinson proposed a book about the justiceís life.
  Junk Genes: An ancient Chinese legend tells the story of the daughter of the countryís first emperor: After drowning in the East China Sea, Jingwei was reincarnated as a beautiful bird who flew about dropping stones and wood to fill in the sea, hoping to save others from a similar fate.
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