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Sports Roundup : Football, cross country, and soccer teams give Maroons good reason to cheer.

And Daniel Tsui makes 70: Another Nobel Prize in physics: Add Daniel Tsui, SM’63, PhD’67, to the list of Nobel laureates affiliated with the University of Chicago. This fall, the alumnus received the 1998 Nobel Prize in physics, making him number 70.

A novelist and a theorist discuss wordsmiths from around the world: Nobel laureate in literature Toni Morrison and renowned postcolonial theorist Homi Bhabha team up on Global Fictions, a course centered on three of Morrison’s works—Beloved, Jazz, and Paradise—as well as books by authors as diverse as the Anglo-Polish Joseph Conrad, the Indian Salman Rushdie, and the South African J. M. Coetzee. .
  Welcome aboard: A new trustee:The University’s Board of Trustees elected Dennis Keller, MBA’68, as its newest member this fall.
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