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Volume 96, Issue 2


Staying the Nobel course

When the Swedish Academy announced the 2003 Nobel prizes,
Chicago added two more to its list.
What do a press-wary, South African author and an exuberant, Russian-born physicist have in common? Three things: Nobel prizes, the University of Chicago, and persistence. John Maxwell Coetzee, distinguished service professor in the Committee on Social Thought, won the 2003 Nobel Prize in Literature, while Alexei Abrikosov, distinguished physicist at the University-managed Argonne National Laboratory, shared the 2003 Nobel Prize in Physics (with Vitaly L. Ginzburg of the P. N. Lebedev Physical Institute in Moscow and Anthony J. Leggett of the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign) by doggedly pursuing avenues of intellectual inquiry.
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Chicago Journal

David Broder, center fielder
As editor of the Chicago Maroon David Broder, AB’47, AM’51, was dubbed “Broder Middle-of-the-Roader”—a nickname, he notes, “not said in admiration.” But after covering every national election since 1960, appearing on Meet the Press since 1963, reporting politics and writing columns for the Washington Post since 1966, and winning a Pulitzer Prize in 1973, he’s turned that reputation into an advantage. In a 1990 Washingtonian survey of 200 opinion-page editors, Broder was voted “least ideological” columnist, high praise in journalism, where objectivity rules.
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One hundred years of Mandel music
The cheerleaders greeted new arrivals with admirable good humor, given that they were stationed, in perky maroon skirts and tanks, just inside the open Reynolds Club entrance on a crisp October night. The coeds held the door not only for their patrons, former Maroons headed to a homecoming dinner celebrating the University’s new Athletics Hall of Fame, but also for those who maneuvered past a second formation of cheerleaders and a clutch of jolly guests, seeking Reynolds’s more sedate recesses—the season’s opening-night concert at Mandel Hall.
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End of an era?
After announcing in mid-October that the Shoreland faces an uncertain future, the University began a series of discussions on the residence hall’s role in the undergraduate housing system. Suddenly the building became a cause, complete with “Save the Shoreland” T-shirts, campaigning, and hand-wringing.
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