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  > > e-Bulletin: 08/02/02

IMAGE:  June '02 cover"I am appalled at the arguments used by Scalia..."

Big ideas reviewed
I cannot think when I have read any alumni magazine from cover to cover without skipping (well, maybe all those classes since my own) and must absolutely congratulate you on the splendid "Campus of the Big Ideas" (June/02).
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Once a consultant...
I was impressed with the research that went into Sharla A. Stewart's June/02 article on the consulting profession ("So who wants to be a consultant?"), specifically that not only did she cite my long-out-of-print book on the subject, The Business Healers, but she also correctly identified me as having attended the University of Chicago (X'59).

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Biased review?
The review of The Reckless Mind: Intellectuals in Politics ("Investigations," June/02) inadvertently proves a fact as interesting as the book's premise: the moral blindness of those who criticize "left" intellectuals.
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A is for April
From audit committees to astrophysics to auteurs (April/02) - this is one great magazine!

Mara Arndt, MBA'75

Consubstantiality at Chicago
It was a rare treat for me to read the article by David Forbes, "My life as a mind-and body" in the April/02 issue, in part because his lucid account of life at the U of C between 1967 and 1971 so much resembled my own experiences.


Wronging a Wright
I enjoy the University of Chicago Magazine, and I am nearly always impressed by the quality of both the writing and the editing. But what happened with the photo caption on page 16 of the June/02 issue?
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Thesis offered
I was tremendously struck by the observation ("Letters," June/02) by another College Class of 1969 graduate that few of us send in class notices or announce books published, and that perhaps this was related to the turbulent events of 1969.
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Contrasting views on Scalia
A fellow alumnus was disappointed that you published a piece about Justice Scalia without excoriating him for his support of democracy and the rule of law ("Letters," June/02); I am pleased to see, at least once in a while, a report on a government figure that is not tendentious and is willing, in the tradition of the University, to report respectfully on a viewpoint with which some may disagree.
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Mearsheimer's missed point
The people who responded in the June/02 issue to John J. Mearsheimer's article "Liberal Talk, Realist Thinking" (February/02) missed a crucial point.


Alcohol on campus

This is the third time I've written to request that the Magazine publish an article about University problems of adult alcoholism (including faculty), which usually begin with "social drinking" in academic groups.

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Was Copernicus really Polish?

Public-policy expert Howard Margolis is featured in the University of Chicago Magazine ("Investigations," February/02) for his book, It Started with Copernicus: How Turning the World Inside Out Led to the Scientific Revolution.

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Hayek's other interests

Essentially I agree with Allen Sanderson's response to Jay R. Baker ('Letters," February/02) suggesting that Friedrich Hayek's appointment in the Committee on Social Thought, rather than economics, had more to do with the type of work that he was doing at the time than it did with his particular views on economics and politics.

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Intro physics and Fermi

I am just reading the December/01 issue, and the article on Enrico Fermi ("Beyond the Bomb"). After receiving my master's in physics in 1944 I served in the U.S. Navy for two years.

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