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Volume 95, Issue 1
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Morning and melancholia 
Geeks go Greek 
End of the Medical Marathon?
The worst of all possible worlds 

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New and online
The University of Chicago Magazine has put together some colorful views from the quads and the downtown Gleacher Center for you to use as a screensaver or desktop wallpaper. To download these photographs, the work of Magazine contributing editor Dan Dry, please go to, where you'll find instructions for both PC and Macintosh users.

For 95 years the University of Chicago Magazine has covered the campus and alumni scene in print. Since 1995 each bimonthly issue also has been published online where back issues since December 1994 are archived.

In December 2001 the Magazine joined with the University of Chicago Alumni Association to create a monthly e-bulletin. Currently sent to 32,000 alumni, UCHICAGO.EDU offers links to University and alumni news and programming. If you would like to be added to the e-mail list, write

IMAGE:  Photo by Dan Dry
Photo by Dan Dry




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