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Flood begets fortune

In an act of serendipity, long-forgotten ruins have surfaced in Turkey’s Amuq region. A 2003 flood exposed a Bronze Age wall and a storeroom of artifacts, drawing archeologists back to a dig site abandoned 55 years ago. A team including David Schloen, associate professor in the Oriental Institute, re-excavated the deserted site this past fall, uncovering a Hittite period palace and private houses. One of the team’s findings, a 14th- or 15th-century B.C. tomb—unlike any other discovered in the Middle East—contained four sets of human remains, each separated by a plaster layer. Appliqués—cutout decorations likely sewn on garments or a headdress—and jewelry, including gold necklaces, also were inside. Scholars will examine the items to better understand how regional states evolved into empires and then devolved into small kingdoms.—M.L.

IMAGE:  Original sourceCourtesy the Oriental Institute




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