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In its early days the Magazine printed only 500 copies, but as circulation grew to 2,000 the editors, lacking a corresponding budget increase, were forced to shrink the size of each issue. In April they earnestly pleaded their case to readers: “Not long since an alumnus complained that the Magazine was dull. He was right; it is dull. ... The Magazine at present is strictly informational. A statement of what is going on plus what James Barrie’s Maggie called ‘charrrm’ there seems no room for. What shall we do? Suggestions are invited.”
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Cultural studies
A different drum
Looking for students who’ve gotta make their own kind of melody, photographer Lloyd DeGrane found a fair number who take music with them wherever they go, downloading personal compilations to iPods for easy, private listening in dorm or library.
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About Alumni

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Neil Clark Warren, PhD'67
Owner and CEO of online matchmaker, Neil Clark Warren, PhD’67, is also the author of several marriage and relationship advice books. In 1961, after three years at Princeton Theological Seminary, Warren transferred to Chicago to study psychology. For 15 years he served on the faculty of California’s Fuller Theological Seminary—as director of research and later dean of its Graduate School of Psychology—before starting a private practice. Four years ago Warren, happily married for 45 years, retired to found, which now has some 3 million members and boasts ten marriage announcements a day.
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