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Back to square one

Competitive crossworders do it in ink. So can the amateurs—taking pleasure in seeing where the words go wrong.
Unlike Merl Reagle—a puzzle constructor who created his first graph-paper opus at age 6, sold his first crossword to the New York Times at 16, writes a Sunday crossword appearing in newspapers across the country, helps New York Times crossword puzzle editor Will Shortz judge the annual American Crossword Puzzle Tournament, and has created the Chicago-themed puzzle on page 80—I’m a babe in the cruciverbalist woods.
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From the President
Truth or consequences

President Don Michael Randel discusses a principle that’s fundamental to higher education—and life as we need to know it.
The University of Chicago offers the best education in this or any neighboring galaxy. But to do so we rely on a few things that we all should have learned from a caring grown-up by the time we hit kindergarten. Among them, You should always tell the truth.
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By Merl Reagle
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Welcome to the real world, Chicago.

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