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:: On the shelf: a selection of alumni books

:: Open Book: Reinventing Marriage

:: Center stage: upcoming cultural events.

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:: Deaths

:: From our pages: A look back through the Magazine

:: Architectural details: Gothic revival

:: Photographic memory: Touching notes


image:  Peer Review
Metamorphosis, a fabric art quilt by Michele David, MD’88, is on exhibit at Boston’s Museum of the National Center of Afro-American Artists. The piece reflects David’s renewal of hope following recovery from a major illness in 2002. Photo courtesy of Michele David.
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The superhero within
Physics professor James Kakalios suits up to save science.
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photo:  translationTranslation triage
Translator and poet Vincent Katz puts on his operating gloves.
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photo:  dogCultural Studies
Burrowed away among test tubes, chemical concoctions, and high-powered microscopes, these students toil underneath the glare of laboratory lights.
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