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:: From our pages: A look back through the Magazine

photo: peer review opener Chicago art group Temporary Services—Brett Bloom, MFA’96, Marc Fischer, MFA’95, and Salem Collo-Julin—displayed a collection of self-published booklets (top) at a spring 2006 exhibit in Nice, France. For their Prisoners’ Inventions project (below), the group collaborated with Angelo, an incarcerated artist who cataloged and illustrated contraband items found in prison. (See “Groupthink”)

photo: march of hMarch of the Monsters
Anthropologist Anne Allison explores Pokémon’s play revolution.
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photo: poetry jamPoetry jam
Poet Tyehimba Jess gives voice to blues legend Leadbelly.
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photo: legacy Philosophic Legacy
Ken Feldman and unlike-minded souls debate life’s big questions.

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photo:  dogCultural Studies
Whether hawking tasty tidbits or T-shirts, Chicago students know how to make a fast buck to support their clubs and causes.
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