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No engagements, please. Items may be edited for space. For that reason, starting with the February/96 issue we will no longer list all of the U of C alumni present at a wedding, but only those alumni who are relatives or were members of the wedding party. As news is published in the order in which it arrives, it may not appear immediately.

Please specify the year under which you would like your news to appear. Otherwise, we will list: (1) all former undergraduates (including those who later received graduate degrees) by the year of their undergraduate degree, and (2) all former students who received only graduate degrees by the year of their final degree.

Within Class News:

  • Art for all: Barbara Mirecki, AM'71 helped bring the Monet exhibit to Chicago.

  • Setting Sail: Ben Morgan, AB'92looks to the 1996 Olympic sailing championships.

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    Seymour K. Coburn, SB'40, continues to practice corrosion engineering, advising state highway departments on ways to protect bridges from lead-paint problems and salt corrosion. May Gomberg Elinson, SB'40, is a retired nutritionist volunteering in senior citizen centers. M. E. Grenander, AB'40, AM'41, PhD'48, see 1948, M. E. Grenander.


    Reunion 1996, May 31-June 2

    Robert B. Baum, SB'41, has senior-judge status in the Texas judiciary, where he had served as state district judge for 15 years. Baum was recently appointed to the Texas governor's juvenile-justice advisory board, which screens placement of federal funds for state programs involving youth and families. Baum has four children, six grand-children, and one great-granddaughter. Jean Berkson Sachs, SB'41, SM'43, looks forward to the 55th reunion in June.


    Eugene F. Folks, X'42, has retired to Quail Ridge in Boynton Beach, FL, after more than 45 years in the potable-water-supply business. He plays golf with William H. Abbott, PhB'27, JD'28. Mary Jane Geisert Gwinn, AB'42, and Merritt S. Gwinn, Jr., X'43, celebrated their 50th anniversary on July 22 in Bellaire, MI, with family and friends, including ten U of C alumni. The Gwinns were married on the U of C campus. Daniel Simon, AM'42, notes that his granddaughter, Linda J. Simon, AB'90, JD'95, graduated in June from the Law School. Robert O. Wright, AB'42, a field associate for International Executive Service Corps, was featured on the front page of the July, mid-Illinois edition of Senior Citizens News & Views. Wright recruits volunteer executives to help improve the quality of life in developing countries, Central and Eastern Europe, and the former Soviet Union.


    Merritt S. Gwinn, Jr., X'43, see 1942, Mary Jane Geisert Gwinn.


    Ernst R. Jaffe, SB'45, MD'48, SM'48, is "still thinking fondly of the class of 1945 reunion in June."


    Reunion 1996, May 31-June 2

    Robert Schreiber, X'46, see 1953, Averil Stephenson Schreiber.


    David L. Blumberg, AB'47, MBA'50, and Linda Horween Blumberg, AM'56, now have four grandchildren. David, who sold his furniture-leasing business in May, serves on the U of C's visiting committee on the visual arts. John R. Cameron, SB'47, splits the year between Gainesville, FL, and Wisconsin. He is a visiting professor at the University of Florida and a professor emeritus in three departments at the University of Wisconsin. He writes: "My main ambition is to correct the wrong impression about the dangers of radiation. There is good evidence that low levels of ionizing radiation are without harm and are beneficial to some." Robert E. ("Bob") Goff, AM'47, chaired the Executive Service Corps national leadership conference in San Antonio. Goff cofounded the Corps' San Antonio affiliate, which assists nonprofit organizations through volunteer consulting by retired executives. "Six students who lived together in the fall of '44 in Duke House, 5725 Woodlawn"-Herbert M. Leiman, AB'47; Allen D. McCrady, PhB'47; Martin Picker, PhB'47, AM'51; Peter O. Everson, AB'48; David L. Jickling, AB'48, AM'51, PhD'53; and Robert S. Petty, PhB'48-"gathered for lunch at the Algonquin Hotel in New York. The conversation picked up right where it left off some 50 years ago." Marilyn Weintraub Simon, PhB'47, a sculptor and painter, retired this year after 26 years of teaching art at Wyncote and Cheltenham elementary schools in Pennsylvania. She was elementary art chair for many years and won the Pennsylvania Art Education Association's outstandingart educator award in 1987.


    Richard C. Atkinson, PhB'48, became president of the University of California in October; he had been chancellor of the University of California, San Diego. Peter O. Everson, AB'48, see 1947, Herbert M. Leiman. After 24 years on the faculty, Ernst L. Gayden, PhB'48, retired from full-time teaching at Huxley College of Environmental Studies at Western Washington University. Gayden started one of the country's first environmental-planning programs at Huxley and was a member of the King County design commission from 1968 to 1985. M. E. Grenander, AB'40, AM'41, PhD'48, retired in 1989 from SUNY-Albany as distinguished service professor emeritus of English after more than 40 years on the faculty. A room in the library was named after her in 1994. This year, she endowed a distinguished service professorship in physics at SUNY-Albany in the name of her late husband, James W. Corbett. In October, Grenander received the school's distinguished service medal. David L. Jickling, AB'48, AM'51, PhD'53, see 1947, Herbert M. Leiman. Robert S. Petty, PhB'48, see 1947, Herbert M. Leiman. Josette Dermody Wingo, PhB'48, is involved in the Write Women Back into History project, concentrating on military women from WWI through the Persian Gulf war.


    Peter G. Braunfeld, AB'49, SB'51, retired in January as a mathematics and education professor at the University of Illinois after more than 40 years there. Robert T. Finnegan, X'49, has retired from a career in sports broadcasting with CBS, ABC, and the Chicago White Sox. Finnegan and Janet, his wife of 44 years, live in Hinsdale and recently visited Brazil and Argentina, seeing some of the places he toured with the Harlem Globe Trotters after WWII. Grant G. Guthrie, JD'49, lives in a nursing home in New Zealand. John H. Waddell, X'49, received the 1995 Arizona Governor's Arts award. He has completed 14 figure sculptures, including Life's Celebration, Circle of Womanhood, Expulsion from the Garden Earth, and Celebration Intergenerational.

    Within Class News:

  • Art for all: Barbara Mirecki, AM'71 helped bring the Monet exhibit to Chicago.

  • Setting Sail: Ben Morgan, AB'92looks to the 1996 Olympic sailing championships.

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