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No engagements, please. Items may be edited for space. For that reason, starting with the February/96 issue we will no longer list all of the U of C alumni present at a wedding, but only those alumni who are relatives or were members of the wedding party. As news is published in the order in which it arrives, it may not appear immediately.

Please specify the year under which you would like your news to appear. Otherwise, we will list: (1) all former undergraduates (including those who later received graduate degrees) by the year of their undergraduate degree, and (2) all former students who received only graduate degrees by the year of their final degree.

Within Class News:

  • Art for all: Barbara Mirecki, AM'71 helped bring the Monet exhibit to Chicago.

  • Setting Sail: Ben Morgan, AB'92looks to the 1996 Olympic sailing championships.

  • 80

    Caryn S. Berman, AM'80, was inducted into the Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame by the Chicago Commission on Human Relations. Mayor Daley presented the award at a ceremony in October. Larry F. Boyer, PhD'80, was elected a shareholder of Graef, Anhalt, Schloemer & Associates, a Milwaukee-based engineering-consulting firm. Mary Connally Martini, AB'80, and her husband, Robert, announce the February 10 birth of their first child, Miranda Lucia. They often see Mary's old roommate, Caren N. Gotlieb-Marks, AB'82, who completed her neurology residency at Albert Einstein College of Medicine this past spring. Her husband, E. Dexter Marks, AM'79, PhD'92, is an assistant professor at Jersey City State College. The Martinis also often see Carol Livingston, AB'80, AM'81, an ob-gyn in the Princeton, NJ, area who helped deliver Caren and Dexter's daughter, Sylvia Anne, born on May 16. Last December, the five of them and Barbara Bochnovic, AB'80, of New York City, got together for their last "pre-babies" dinner.


    Reunion 1996, May 31-June 2

    Douglas J. Anderson, MBA'81, senior audit manager for Dow Chemical, is the gold-medal winner for the May 1995 Certified Internal Auditor examination. Laura P. Benedict, AB'81, earned her M.B.A. from the University of North Carolina and works at the Self-Help Development Bank, a nonprofit lender based in Durham, NC. Thomas J. Daley, MBA'81, returned to the U.S. in May after four years in Seoul, Korea. He's currently working for Loop firm Sargent and Lundy Engineers on a Chinese coal-fired power plant. Jean Dow Reed Haynes, JD'81, a partner in the New York office of law firm Kirkland & Ellis, was elected a vice president of the American Judicature Society. Daniel F. Heitjan, SB'81, SM'84, PhD'85, joined the faculty of the division of biostatistics of the Columbia University School of Public Health. He lives in Fort Lee, NJ, with wife Helene Kim Heitjan, AM'87, and children Phyllis, Frederick, and Margaret. Miriam E. Kanter, AB'81, married Kevin Roy Chés, associate director of medical informatics at Bronx Municipal Hospital Center, on May 21. Her father, Rabbi A. Milton Kanter, AM'56, PhD'69, officiated. In attendance were her mother, Sarah Much Kanter, AB'52; Cheryl Feuer Gedzelman, AB'82; and Stephen D. Manning, AM'82. Kanter is in her last year of residency training in physical medicine and rehabilitation at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Selina A. Long, AB'81, and her husband, Robert, announce the June 10 birth of daughter Charlotte Rose. Long is an assistant professor of anesthesia at Albany Medical College. David P. Pasulka, AB'81, and wife Barbara recently celebrated their tenth anniversary. They are "having a great time" with children Jacqueline, 5, Lauren, 3, and Andrew, 1. Nadya K. Shmavonian, AB'81, is executive vice president of the Pew Charitable <$t-2>Trusts, a large, private philanthropy.


    Robert J. Bagel, AB'82, MBA'94, recently acquired a 1986 Shelby Dodge Omni GLHS, number 82 of only 600 that were made. Peter Chen, SB'82, has been appointed a professor of physical organic chemistry at the Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule in Zurich, Switzerland. Chen, wife Maio, and daughter Esther, 1, are adjusting to Swiss life, though he wishes he hadn't slept through 8 a.m. German classes at the U of C. Donald C. Dowling, Jr., AB'82, outgoing president of the U of C Cincinnati alumni club, chairs the ABA's international employment law committee. He just published a book chapter and law-review article of his reflections on international litigation. With wife Nancy Hill Dowling, AB'84, and children Grant and Grace, the family caused a stir this summer when they raised two goats at their urban Cincinnati home. "Nancy fielded questions from police as Don herded the four kids on daily walks to the ice-cream parlor." William W. Goldstein, AB'82, living in New York since graduation, is a producer at Delphi Internet, where he writes book reviews and a publishing-news column and moderates on-line author discussions. Previously Bill was a senior editor at Scribner. Caren N. Gotlieb-Marks, AB'82, see 1980, Mary Connally Martini. Mark E. Jackson, AB'82, MBA'86, and wife Marcey announce the birth of Nathan Thomas. Jackson is trading foreign exchange at First National Bank Chicago. Laurel Henry Kennedy, MBA'82, is president of Ruder-Finn/Chicago, an integrated-marketing communications agency. She recently spoke on alternate-channel marketing at a forum sponsored by the Institute for International Research. Raymond J. Mikula, MBA'82, is vice president of engineering and a corporate officer of the Chicago Faucet Co. Wanda J. Smith, MBA'82, teaches upper-level human-resource management and organizational behavior as a tenure-track professor in Virginia Tech's management department.


    Kenneth L. Aizawa, AB'83, the inaugural holder of the Charles T. Beaird chair in philosophy at Centenary College of Louisiana, moved to Shreveport this past summer with his wife of one year, Angie, and her children, Daniel and Andrea. Audrey L. Altstadt, AM'77, PhD'83, married Michael Ortiz of Madison, WI, in June. Misty L. Bastian, AB'83, AM'85, PhD'92, is an assistant professor of anthropology at Franklin & Marshall College. Terry A. Dunn, MBA'83, is facilities manager for the University of Toledo's engineering department. In August, Victoria L. Farmer, AB'83, joined the Asia Society (New York City) as program associate for South Asia in the department of contemporary affairs. Donald J. Lorvig, AB'83, and wife Elizabeth announce the August 5 birth of daughter Victoria. Judith A. Testa, AM'67, PhD'83, an art professor at Northern Illinois University, received a Presidential Teaching professorship, NIU's highest honor for teaching excellence. Valerie J. Wright, MBA'83, was promoted from senior vice president of finance to senior vice president of operations at Human Resources Development, Inc.


    Nancy Hill Dowling, AB'84, see 1982, Donald C. Dowling, Jr. Sonia Fidelis Garcia, SM'81, PhD'84, is an associate professor of mathematics with tenure at the U.S. Naval Academy. Dawn Dobyns Harvey, AB'84, and husband Craig announce the June birth of their first child, Brynne Anne. Dawn is a documentation and instructional-design consultant in Indianapolis, while Craig is in his second year of Ph.D. studies in industrial engineering at Purdue University. They live in Lafayette. Joseph B. Heitman, SB'84, SM'84, is an assistant professor of genetics and pharmacology and an assistant investigator of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at Duke University Medical Center. Robert W. Kubey, AM'78, PhD'84, an associate professor of communication at Rutgers University, is spending this academic year on sabbatical in Stanford's communication department. Wife Barbara and sons Benjamin and Daniel went with him. Kubey was also recently named research director of the Media Education Laboratory in Rutgers' visual and performing arts department. Donald J. Laackman, AB'84, a consultant with Andersen Consulting's financial-services industry practice, recently was admitted to the company's U.S. partnership. Monica Petraglia McCabe, AM'84, is a partner in the New York City law firm Reid & Priest, where she is a civil litigator specializing in entertainment, intellectual-property, and international law. Barbara A. Sommer, AM'84, who's working on her Ph.D. in Latin American history at the University of New Mexico, is spending this year in Brazil researching the interaction among Indians, Spanish Jesuits, and Portuguese colonists on the Amazon during the colonial period.


    Kirsten P. Buick, AB'85, a doctoral candidate in art history at the University of Michigan, received a 1995-96 Gaius Charles Bolin fellowship from Williams College. Kathleen C. Mahoney, MBA'85, see 1986, Dennis W. Sheehan. John N. Matthews, AB'85, received his Ph.D. in experimental high-energy physics from Rutgers University and is moving on to a postdoctoral research position. Philip L. Mowery, AB'85, JD'88, is a partner in the Chicago law firm Vedder, Price & Kaufman, where he represents and advises clients on compensation and benefits programs and represents management in labor and employee-benefits litigation. Michelle L. Neubauer, MBA'85, and Stephen T. Cummings, MBA'89, were married at their home in Park Ridge on June 10. She is the business manager and treasurer of the Temporary Theatre Company in Chicago; he is a principal with the Chicago firm Ennis, Knupp and Associates. Thomas B. Parker, MBA'85, and wife Michelle announce the May 7 birth of their first child, son McKinley. Kelley A. Raab, AM'85, is a tenure-track assistant professor of religion at Nebraska Wesleyan University. Nathaniel Schenker, SM'83, PhD'85, associate professor and vice chair of the biostatistics department at the UCLA School of Public Health, has been named a fellow of the American Statistical Association. John R. Walton, MBA'85, is vice president of the Midwest region for Integrated Health Services, Inc.


    Reunion 1996, May 31-June 2

    Mark P. Becker, MBA'86, is senior manager at consulting firm Deloitte & Touche. John A. Campbell, AB'86, MBA'87, and wife Sharon announce the birth of a "healthy and vocal" son, John Charles. John Culbertson, AB'86, and wife Andrea announce the June 21 birth of daughter Claire Sage. Teresa A. Gorno-Reid, AM'86, and husband William announce the June 22 birth of their first child, Evangeline Anne. While completing her doctorate in clinical psychology, Gorno-Reid has a psychotherapy practice in Wheaton. John T. Landry, AB'86, married Rochelle Rosen on March 25. Groomsmen included his brother, James Landry, a U of C physics graduate student, and Victor I. King, AB'86, AM'86. In attendance were Marc B. Sable, AB'86, AM'90; Derek S. Jeffreys, AB'87; Daniel C. Moyers, AB'87; and Sarah C. Young Smith, AB'87. Landry received his Ph.D. in history from Brown University in May and now writes company histories for a communications firm in Boston. The couple lives in Providence, RI. Robert Mattaliano, AB'86, married Michelle Sharon Scotti on August 19 at St. Paul's Chapel on the Columbia University campus. In attendance were Paul I. Flignor, AB'83, MBA'90, and Kathleen M. Cullen, AB'85. The couple lives in New York City; Robert is marketing development manager for Time Warner, and Michelle is an attorney at Zalkin, Rodin and Goodman. Mark R. Polelle, AB'86, married Bethann Griech of Willingboro, NJ, in June 1994. He received his Ph.D. in history from Rutgers University in May. P. Jeffrey Potash, AM'78, PhD'86, is a professor of humanities at Trinity College of Vermont, where he has taught since 1980.

    Daniel E. L. Promislow, AB'86, danced the mambo in the north woods of Minnesota this summer with Emily R. Rosenberg, AB'86, AM'91, and Martha E. Otis, AB'87. An assistant professor in genetics at the University of Georgia, he writes, "Although I look forward to the 1996 Olympics, I am told that the mambo does not yet qualify as an official Olympic sport." Mark W. Riepe, AB'86, MBA'91, see 1974, Roger G. Ibbotson. Dennis W. Sheehan, MBA'86, wife Kathleen C. Mahoney, MBA'85, and their four daughters moved from London to Minneapolis, where Dennis is CFO for GMAC Mortgage Corp. Andrew P. Szpur, AB'86, is director of operations for Boanerges Ltd., which presented a workshop by African-American poet Abba Elethea. Jill Johansen Tao, AB'86, is a 1995-96 intern for the Florida House of Representatives' advisory council on intergovernmental relations. Jill S. Wicinski, AB'86, married Steve Schamberger on April 22 in Houston, where both sets of parents live. The wedding party included Julia C. Weissman, AB'86, and Wendy Parshall Witt, AB'86, AM'87. In attendance were Gregory L. Bowling, AB'86, JD'89; John Culbertson, AB'86; Ruth Pennington Paget, AB'86; Carolyn E. Shapiro, AB'86, AM'93, JD'95; David Witt, AB'87; Douglas A. Applegate, JD'89; and Joshua Karsh, JD'89. Lynette Silvestri, AB'86, couldn't attend but was able to visit the couple a few weeks earlier. The Schambergers work for the U.S. General Accounting Office and live in Arlington, VA.


    Elizabeth Roach Albro, AB'87, AM'88, and Robert D. Albro, AB'89, AM'91, announce the birth of Jonas Katari on August 6, Bolivian Independence Day. Jonas was conceived in Bolivia and his middle name is that of an 18th-century Bolivian hero. Helen Markey Bonds, AB'87, is working on her teaching certificate and her master's degree in English and education at Roosevelt University. She also edits the school paper and Rag Magazine. Douglas A. Cipriano, AB'87, and wife Heidi M. Cuesta, AB'87, announce the April 15 birth of daughter Gabriela Alysa. Charles M. Gabrys, SB'87, PhD'95, is "now at Princeton University working on a post doctorate." Helene Kim Heitjan, AM'87, see 1981, Daniel F. Heitjan. Amy Moss Levy, AB'87, lives in Norfolk, VA, where she practices labor and employment law. Her second son, Nathan Aaron, was born on July 18; brother Jacob is 2. Nadine L. Mizrahi, AB'87, and husband Steven announce the May 10 birth of son Joel Alan. Esther Nieves, AM'87, was selected by the American Friends Service Committee as part of a nine-woman delegation to the U.N. World Conference on Women, held in China this August and September. Erick R. Opsahl, AB'87, graduated from the University of Virginia Law School in 1990 and is now on the corporate legal staff at Brunswick Corporation. Martha E. Otis, AB'87, see 1986, Daniel E. L. Promislow. Linda E. Sedloff-Orton, AB'87, and her husband, Graham, moved to New York City in November 1994 after living in London for two years. She is marketing and communications director for Brumbaugh, Graves, Donohue & Raymond, an intellectual-property law firm. Her E-mail address is lsorton<\@> Keith K. Vaux, AB'87, MD'94, a pediatrics resident at Balboa Naval Hospital, lives with wife Cathy in San Diego. Joselyn A. Zivin, AB'87, received her doctorate from Duke University in fall 1994 and is now an assistant history professor at Drake University in Des Moines, IA. (This corrects information printed in the October/95 issue.-Ed.)


    Andrew L. Belmonte, AB'88, and wife Ruth announce the August 1 birth of their first child, Clare Madeleine, in Cannes-sur-Mer, France. Keith M. Breslauer, MBA'88, and wife Lauren announce the June birth of daughter Arianna Rebecca in London. Breslauer is executive director at Lehman Brothers, where he runs the principal business responsible for committing the firm's capital in purchasing distressed assets in Europe. Elizabeth Wilson Mitchell, AB'88, writes that she, husband Sean, and daughter Grace live in the Seattle area, where Sean will star in a Microsoft production of Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors. Fiora G. A. Pizzo, AB'88, who received her M.S.W. from the University of Pennsylvania in May, married Jose J. Alicea on June 17 in Bloomington, IN. In attendance were Anthony Pizzo, SB'43, MD'45; Patricia Murphy Pizzo, X'48; Harry Pratter, JD'50; Arthur L. Koch, PhD'51; Sarah Pizzo Press, AB'75; Christopher L. Frenzen, AB'76; Julie P. Pizzo, AB'77; and Andrew R. B. Zimmerman, AB'87. The couple lives in Indianapolis. Michael A. Sloan, MBA'88, and wife Laura announce the April 11 birth of their first child, Amanda Michele. Eric J. Weigel, MBA'88, vice president in charge of global asset allocation for Chancellor Capital Management in New York, lives in Boston, and is the father of Jessica, 8, Gabriela, 3, and Nicholas, 19 months. Douglas C. Werking, MBA'88, and wife Christine announce the April 14 birth of daughter Nicole Marie. Werking, "when taking breaks from attending to Nicole's every wish," is a senior manager with Price Waterhouse LLP's workout and turnaround consulting practice in San Francisco and president of the NORCAL chapter of the Turnaround Management Association. The Werkings have lived in San Francisco for the past three years. Robert M. Whitnell, PhD'88, cocreated a course on the Internet and the World Wide Web at Guilford College. Brad L. Wilson, AB'88, an assistant mathematics professor at SUNY-Brockport, was named an associate of the Society of Actuaries.


    Robert D. Albro, AB'89, AM'91, see 1987, Elizabeth Roach Albro. Sugata Biswas, AB'89, and wife Laura just started at the Yale School of Management, pursuing master's degrees in public and private management. Biswas had been a consultant at the Center for Nonprofit Management in Southern California. Stephen T. Cummings, MBA'89, see 1985, Michelle L. Neubauer. Martin A. Davis, Jr., AM'89, and his wife announce the May 24, 1994, birth of their first child, Andrew Emerson. While completing his Ph.D. dissertation in Anglo-Norman monastic history at the University of South Carolina, Davis is working as an editorial associate for theuniversity's press. Julia L. Llewellyn, AB'89, married Matthew Ketcham on November 26, 1994. The wedding party included Maria M. Del Favero, AB'87; James T. Murphy, AB'87; and Dena E. Choucair, AB'89. Albert G. Knapp, AB'88, was a guest. Llewellyn and her husband practice law in Fort Smith, AR, where they live with their dogs: Austin, an Alaskan malamute, and Odin, a Newfoundland. Michael B. O'Connor, AB'89, received his M.A. in philosophy from Boston University and is "living on the cheap in San Francisco and looking for work." Kathryn E. Sampeck, AB'89, AM'91, a graduate student at Tulane, has been awarded dissertation scholarships and grants from the Social Science Research Council, the National Science Foundation, and the Wenner-Gren Foundation. Her archaeological investigations in El Salvador compare the effects of conquest by the Nahua-speaking Pipil to the later Spanish conquest.

    Within Class News:

  • Art for all: Barbara Mirecki, AM'71 helped bring the Monet exhibit to Chicago.

  • Setting Sail: Ben Morgan, AB'92looks to the 1996 Olympic sailing championships.

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