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No engagements, please. Items may be edited for space. For that reason, starting with the February/96 issue we will no longer list all of the U of C alumni present at a wedding, but only those alumni who are relatives or were members of the wedding party. As news is published in the order in which it arrives, it may not appear immediately.

Please specify the year under which you would like your news to appear. Otherwise, we will list: (1) all former undergraduates (including those who later received graduate degrees) by the year of their undergraduate degree, and (2) all former students who received only graduate degrees by the year of their final degree.

Within Class News:

  • Art for all: Barbara Mirecki, AM'71 helped bring the Monet exhibit to Chicago.

  • Setting Sail: Ben Morgan, AB'92looks to the 1996 Olympic sailing championships.

  • 90

    Carlos J. Barrionuevo, AB'90, and Alexandra Quere, AB'90, write, "In the great tradition of the University of Chicago, two Chicago alumni decided to give in and marry each other rather than prowling the bars trying to talk to Northwestern graduates." They were married on May 27 in Northbrook. In attendance were Eric Mao, AB'90; John C.S. Yung, AB'90; Jason J. Betke, AB'91; Joseph F. Schmitt, AB'91; and Joseph P. Gerharz, AB'92. Carlos "finished his conversion to the dark side" by earning his M.B.A. at the University of Rochester, and Alexandra graduated from Boston University Law School in May. Michelle Benig, AB'90, and Maneesh K. Arora, AB'90, were married on July 30, 1994. Peter H. de Jong, AB'90, was the best man, while Phillip G. Dolcimascolo, AB'90, and Martin Heilmann, AB'90, were groomsmen. College student Monica Arora was a bridesmaid and A. Todd Franklin, AB'90, and Sajal Sahay, AB'90, were ushers. In attendance were Edward Y. Lin, AB'89; Whitney B. Pope, AB'89; Paul F. Riekhof, AB'89; Stephanie A. Cox, AB'90, AM'91; Jill Olson de Jong, AB'90; Gigi Ip, AB'90, AM'90; Maria A. Langan, AB'90; Kathleen C. Lin, AB'90; Daniel G. Sohn, AB'90, MD'94; Jenny S. Tan, AB'90; Maria Luisa Espacio Blanco, AB'91; Lina F. Chou, AB'91; Daniel K. Lee, AB'91; Prita Saikia, AB'91; Jonathan M. Siegel, AB'91; Tracy T. Yuen, AB'91; Richard S. Han, AB'92; Kristina Radnik, AB'92; Jason J. Harrison, AB'93; Dwight C. Nelson, AB'93; and Bennie B. L. Hu, AB'94. Michelle is in her third year of the Ph.D. program in biochemistry at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and Maneesh works for Kraft Foods. They live in Evanston. Samuel C. Blackman, AB'90, reports that pictures of his new puppy, Molly, can be seen in living color on the World Wide Web at

    Barry Y. Freeman, AB'90, and his wife, Karen, "are proud to introduce their favorite new Maroon, Rebecca Ciara, AB'17?" Helmuth W. Ludwig, MBA'90, is the first president of the first Rotary Club in Kazakhstan, after working for two years to introduce Rotary International to the former Soviet republic. He hopes to promote ethical standards in business in the country's newly established market economy. Todd R. Naughton, MBA'90, and wife Robin, of Buffalo Grove, announce the April 28 birth of twin daughters Alexandra Kathryn and Taylor Devin. Paul E. Pedersen, AB'90, recently earned his M.A. in philosophy and finished his third year in the Ph.D. program at Cornell. He is spending this academic year on a fellowship from Cornell, doing dissertation research at the University of Freiburg in Germany. Julie M. Schmid, AB'90, a doctoral candidate at the University of Iowa, published an essay on Mina Loy's futurist theater in the Winter 1995 issue of Performing Arts Journal. This past summer, Schmid spent a month in England and Ireland; while in London, she stayed with Lisel L. Virkler, AB'90, and Joseph R. Skoski, AM'90, then living in London's East End. Linda J. Simon, AB'90, JD'95, see 1942, Daniel Simon. Bert Vaux, AB'90, has taught linguistics at Harvard since receiving his Ph.D. in 1994. Ieva D. Veidemanis, AB'90, has spent the last year in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan working on USAID capital-markets projects. Peter D. Waldstein, MBA'90, is manager of strategic development in charge of corporate acquisitions with DIMAC Corporation, a direct-marketing-services provider in St. Louis. Connie S. Watkins, MBA'90, is executive vice pres<$t0>ident and CFO at Lakeside Bank in Chicago.


    Reunion 1996, May 31-June 2

    Eric Aversa, AB'91, is spending this academic year on a Fulbright grant in Trieste, researching his dissertation on turn-of-the-century writer Italo Svevo. He is in his fourth year of Ph.D. work in Italian studies at NYU, where he has been on the university senateand received the President's Service Award for Volunteerism and Community Service last spring. John G. Beadle, MBA'91, is vice president of Tanguay-Burke-Stratton Comprehensive Real Estate Services. Joseph T. Cuenco, AB'91, enjoys being a medical intern in San Francisco, where the weather, people, and culture are wonderful, but will return to Chicago for his anesthesiology residency. He has run into John M. Dierking, AB'91, and Edoardo M. Kulp, AB'91. Rex D. Frazier, AB'91, AM'92, of Sacramento, CA, just bought a house and was appointed director of the legislative bureau of the California Department of Insurance. Over the past few years, he's been visited by John M. Dierking, AB'91; Patrick J. Manley, AB'91; Robert A. Carlson, AB'92; and Matthew E. Moline, AB'92. Paul K. Lieberman, AB'91, entered the master's program at the MIT Sloan School of Management this fall and hopes to hear from anyone in the Boston area.

    Todd D. Robichaud, AB'91, graduated from the University of Michigan Law School in December 1994 and has joined the New York City law firm Anderson, Kill, Olick & Oshinsky. Judith A. Rosowicz, MBA'91, married Mark F. Steinlein on June 17 in Milwaukee. Attending the outdoor ceremony were Robert P.T. Kleist, MBA'91, and David Salz, MBA'91. The couple honeymooned in French Polynesia for two weeks. Craig R. Shaynak, AB'91; Laura Schlachtmeyer, AB'91; Dirk N. Voetberg, AB'91; and Andrew M. Lyons, AB'91, have formed Punch the Clock Productions and opened a new theatrical production entitled The Daily Grind this past fall. Anyone wishing to find out more should contact Lyons, a senior budget analyst at the U of C. Melissa R. Stein, AB'91, returned home to New York City to attend Cornell University Medical College. Mariano Tommasi, AM'88, PhD'91, is moving back to Argentina to chair the economics department at Universidad de San Andrés. He spent the 1994-95 academic year at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government as a Harvard/MIT fellow in positive political economy. Tommasi, awarded a Hoover national fellowship from Stanford, was an assistant professor of economics at UCLA, where he will continue to visit during winter quarters.


    Robert A. Carlson, AB'92, see 1991, Rex D. Frazier. Kristin M Heim, AB'92, AM'92, married E. Clayton Mowry IV on July 8 in Paoli, PA. In attendance were David H. Casey, X'89; Samuel A. Jemielity, AB'90; Karla R. Stone, AB'91; Kelly W. Williams, AB'91; Natasha Bilimoria, AB'92; Mary LaMotte, AB'92; Emily Leish, AB'92; Kerry Lin, AB'92; Thomas J. Reidy, AB'92; and Tatiana Connolly, AB'93. Kristin works in the International Trade Administration at the U.S. Department of Commerce and attends Georgetown's law school at night. Clayton is associate director of the Satellite Industry Association. Garrett B. Eisler, AB'92, writes that after three years of teaching history at the Dalton School in New York City, he has begun an M.F.A. program in theater directing at Boston University.

    Tina L. Klawinski, SB'92, MAT'93, and Adam J. Park, AB'93, were married on July 29 at Bond Chapel. Melissa M. Ryan, AB'92; Michael D. Mershon, AB'93; and Karen Park, AM'95, were in the wedding party. Eboni C. Howard, AB'92, read in the ceremony. In attendance were David A. Attis, AB'93; Clare M. Brouder, AB'93; Catherine C. Fitzgerald, AB'93; Diane Kelleher, AB'93; Lisa M. Nicholson, AB'93; Jennifer L. Pals, AB'93; Leslie J. Wintheiser, AB'93; Heather L. Gammel, AB'94; Kathleen M. Abbott, AB'95; J. Peter Ditchman III, AB'95, AM'95; and Vicki Wittman, AB'95. After honeymooning in Puerto Vallarta, they returned to Atlanta, where Tina is a systems engineer at the Home Depot corporate office and Adam is in patient relations at the Emory University Clinic business office. E. Dexter Marks, AM'79, PhD'92, see 1980, Mary Connally Martini. Matthew E. Moline, AB'92, see 1991, Rex D. Frazier. Navy ensign Christopher J. Pollard, AB'92, recently reported for duty aboard the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt. Yusuf H. Safdari, AB'92, is an associate with the Chicago office of law firm Vedder, Price, Kaufman & Kammholz. Linda L. Wolfenden, AB'92, is enjoying her fourth year at Boston University's medical school, where she is a good friend of Ronald R. Espinal, AB'92, also a BU med student.


    Omar H. Altalib, AM'93, has a biographical entry in the 1995 Men of Achievement. In September, he delivered a paper on Ibn Khaldun's contribution to international studies at the International Studies Association Midwest Conference in Indianapolis. Randall M. Hurlbut, MBA'93, joined Magnetrol International, a process-control instrumentation manufacturer, as director of materials and manufacturing. Cynthia A. Kaempfer, MBA'93, and Peter E. Kamin, MBA'93, see 1994, Michael J. Fisher. Scott D. McKinney, AB'93, began studies at the University of Illinois College of Law this fall. Augusta M. McMahon, AM'86, PhD'93, writes, "After two years of 'occasional employment,' I will take up an appointment as assistant lecturer (not quite as low as you can get, but almost) in Near Eastern archaeology and history at the University of Cambridge." Mark J. Melancon, MBA'93, is financial advisory-services manager, specializing in corporate finance, at Coopers & Lybrand. Bret C. Okeson, AB'93, writes, "I am teaching English at a prestigious all-girls school in Japan and am the occasional lead singer/slam dancer in an otherwise all-girls punk bund that plays modified Sex Pistols. Although I have learned nothing of Zen Buddhism, I can state categorically that in Japan, blonds do have more fun." Alan R. Opsahl, AB'93, is in his third year at the Pritzker School of Medicine. Adam J. Park, AB'93, see 1992, Tina L. Klawinski. Suzanne L. Schairer, AB'93, attends law school at the University of Texas at Austin and works (on a public-interest scholarship) as a legal intern for the Political Asylum Project of Austin. This past summer she took courses-including one from a judge on the Czech Republic's Constitutional Court-at Charles University in Prague. Schairer also visited Poland, Hungary, and Austria. Jennifer L. Smith, AB'93, married Brian Holmes, a former U of C intern in internal medicine, on June 17. In attendance were Janet Cowden, AB'91; Rebecca C. Wilson, AB'93; Kelly Parling, AB'94; Lorrie Elliot, a U of C instructor of clinical medicine; Thomas P. Erlinger, a U of C medical resident; and Sheri Burke, formerly of Weiss Hospital. The couple lives in Little Rock, where Brian is an Air Force doctor and Jennifer is "playing the role of hermit academic" as she studies for preliminary Ph.D. exams.


    Sarah J. Archer, MBA'94, is the investment officer for Central Corporate Credit Union in Southfield, MI. Michael J. Fisher, MBA'94, writes, "The Wayne's World crew from Bus 361 still meets for monthly dinners. Cynthia A. Kaempfer, MBA'93, and Peter E. Kamin, MBA'93, also did Wayne's West at Julie Norris's in California in September." Dipak M. Kshatriya, AB'94, has been in Ecuador as a youth-development volunteer with the Peace Corps since graduation. Michael W. Lewis, MBA'94, celebrated the first birthday of his first son, Garrett Alexander, in September. Paul Ryer, AM'94, is doing dissertation research in Cuba until December 1996. Raymond L. Thompson, MBA'94, see 1953, Raymond L. Thompson. Kenneth A. Wolfson, MD'94, see 1958, Sidney K. Wolfson.


    Christopher Strawn, AB'95, spent last summer in Africa and is now a Fulbright scholar at Oxford. He hopes that a revised edition of his his 1994 book Bhutan: A Movement in Exile (Nirala Publications) may be published in the United States. Strawn also contributed a chapter to Bhutan: Perspectives on Conflict and Dissent (Kiscadale). Andrew R. Varcoe, AB'95, is a housing counselor for United Management Systems, a self-help housing program in Mashulaville, MS. The work is a one-year term of voluntary service with the Mennonite Board of Missions.

    Within Class News:

  • Art for all: Barbara Mirecki, AM'71 helped bring the Monet exhibit to Chicago.

  • Setting Sail: Ben Morgan, AB'92looks to the 1996 Olympic sailing championships.

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