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February 1997

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While attending her grandson's convocation at Princeton, Miriam Schafmayer Baker, AB'40, was pleased to see classmate Robert S. Miner, Jr., SB'40, and his wife, Mary Evelyn, waving from a car in the Princeton P-Rade. Baker also saw Miner win the Alumni Council award for service to Princeton--he was only the fifth advanced-degree alumnus to win this award, including two retired Princeton University presidents. K. Jane Morris Bruère, SB'40, a school librarian for more than 22 years in two Madison, WI, schools, now studies piano and painting; swims laps; and is active in UNICEF and the League of Women Voters. Allan B. Cole, AM'37, PhD'40, enjoys retired life in Concord, MA. He writes essays and poems and is editing memoirs of life in a rural Georgia town, written by his late wife, Marjorie Daniel Cole, AM'32, PhD'35. A nonprofit community housing corporation started by Jack T. Conway, AB'40, has seen 50 affordable houses built. He writes, "My next retirement project is a photo-voltaic shingled house with a back-up non-polluting storage battery." Having moved from Ithaca, NY, to Long Island several years ago, William T. Dean, JD'40, is enjoying the milder weather "down south."

Robert H. Harlan, AB'40, JD'42, and Lois Whiting Harlan, AB'41, AM'42, renewed friendships with fellow alumni at a Lake Geneva Elderhostel last June: Eloise Procter Reavill, SB'42, with husband Acton; Marjorie Sullivan Lee, AB'43, with husband John; and Lois Stromwall Howe, SB'43. Norma Yerger Queen, AM'40, is 94 and no longer travels, but she enjoys her memories of visiting Europe's cathedrals, riding an elephant in Thailand, traveling by cart in Egypt, and volunteering in many places. Colin G. Thomas, Jr., SB'40, MD'43, and wife Shirley received a visit in Chapel Hill, NC, from Mary Phemister Beal, X'39, and John M. Beal, SB'37, MD'41, of Valdosta, GA; and from Ann and Paul L. Bunce, MD'42.


Henrietta Mahon Brewer, AB'41, enjoys playing golf, taking classes at her local Duluth, MN, university, and traveling. As a docent for the New York Public Library, Robert A. Colby, AB'41, AM'42, PhD'49, conducted local alumni through the library in spring 1996. He has written a chapter on the Victorian novel in the four-volume Storia Della Civilta Letteraria Inglese (University of Turin). Donald J. Egr, AM'41, is in his third year of living at Rose Villa, a retirement community near Portland, OR. Lois Whiting Harlan, AB'41, AM'42, see 1940, Robert G. Harlan. Jeanne Lazarus Shane, SB'41, see 1930, Robert S. Shane.


Paul L. Bunce, MD'42, see 1940, Colin G. Thomas, Jr. "Even the grandchildren are through college," writes Frank F. Evans, SB'42, MD'44. At 80, he finds his psychiatry and psychoanalysis practice a continuing pleasure and challenge. He adds: "I did have to give up tennis, but gardening and car washing fill in." His two children from his 28-year second marriage are an antitrust lawyer and a rugby-playing master's degree candidate. John D. Nelly, PhD'42, is spending a quiet retirement in New Bethlehem, PA, where "all of J.M. Smuckers' good peanut butter is made for worldwide shipment. They keep the air of the town blessed with the odor of roasting peanuts." Morris B. Parloff, AM'42, and wife Gloria Harnick Parloff, SB'43, announce son Roger's 1996 book, Triple Jeopardy: A Story of Law at its Best and Worst (Little, Brown), about an Arizona death-penalty case. Eloise Procter Reavill, SB'42, see 1940, Robert G. Harlan. Now retired after 40 years as a social worker in Los Angeles, Anita Fargo Robinson, AB'42, AM'43, has been married for 50 years and visits her three children, six nieces and nephews, and two granddaughters (Rachel, 5, and Mara, 2) throughout the U.S. Daughter Lorraine is a social worker in Hawaii; son David works in Washington, DC; and son Billy is an attorney in San Francisco.


Lois Stromwell Howe, SB'43, see 1940, Robert G. Harlan. Marjorie Sullivan Lee, AB'43, see 1940, Robert G. Harlan. Gloria Harnick Parloff, SB'43, see 1942, Morris B. Parloff. Beryl Brand Walther, PhB'43, of Anchorage, AK, has 37 grandchildren. Her travels have led her to Idaho, Utah, Nevada, China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, Turkey, and Kenya. Jean Perlman Weinstock, AB'43, is learning to use a Macintosh computer and, with husband David, enjoying their first grandchild, Elizabeth.


June Helm, PhB'44, AM'50, PhD'58, was named the F. Wendell Miller distinguished professor of anthropology at the University of Iowa. Van W. Hunt, MD'44, writes that he has prostate cancer and hopes to benefit from the work of U of C professor emeritus Charles B. Huggins, in whose laboratory Hunt worked as a technician when Huggins was doing "seminal research on carcinoma of the prostate (pun intended)." Virginia Banning Kenney, PhB'44, and Frank D. Kenney, AB'48, JD'49, traveled to the U.K. in 1996. Barbara Winchester Swords, AB'44, AM'47, was named professor emerita of English at Elmhurst College at the same time that her husband, Robert W. Swords, AB'44, AM'49, was named professor emeritus of English there. (This corrects information printed in the Oct.­Dec./96 issue.--Ed.) Marsha Dzubay Tillson, SB'44, runs 5 to 6 miles daily, races on weekends, and gardens avidly. Albert H. Unger, X'44, has retired after 50 years of medical practice. Ruth Holland Waddell, AB'44, see 1949, John H. Waddell. Henry L. Wildberger, PhB'44, SB'49, MD'51, now retired, has been enjoying Oriental Institute courses in the U of C's continuing education program; taking postgraduate medical courses; and playing the clarinet with both the Northwest Symphony Orchestra and a woodwind quintet.


Barbara J. Rohrke Gudmundson, X'46, appears in the 1997 Who's Who in America. Nicholas J. Melas, PhB'46, SB'48, MBA'50, though retired from public life after 36 years and now working in the private sector, helped campaign for old friend Richard Durbin, U.S. senator from Illinois. Carleton P. Menge, AM'40, PhD'46, who taught educational psychology and human development for 42 years at the University of New Hampshire, Durham, specializing in personal-construct theory, has moved to the Eastman community in Grantham, NH. John F. Richardson, AM'46, had one of his watercolors reproduced in American Artist magazine.


In his more than 50 years of scholarly criticism, Thomas Meade Harwell, Jr., AM'47, has written books on John Keats, the English Gothic novel, Romanticism, and Tex-Mex folklore. In York, England, in 1991, he presented to the Popular Culture Association a study of weather lore from Texas's Rio Grande Valley; currently he is completing a second volume of Rio Grande Valley folklore. Glenn C. Stone, PhB'47, retired last July after 44 years in the ordained ministry of the Lutheran church, primarily in religious journalism. He continues to be active in church and community work in the New York metropolitan area. Joyce Traxler Zucker, PhB'47, writes that when she saw her 45th-reunion directory she realized that daughter-in-law Alisa Zucker's father, Asher J. Birnbaum, PhB'47, shared her year and degree. She adds, "I also found out that my dearest friend at the College, Sharon Goldberg Siegan, AB'47, AM'50, had died in 1985."


Minna Rodnon Buck, AB'48, X'50, wife of Earle E. Buck, JD'50, retired after 12 years as a family court judge. She travels, volunteers, and is learning to use a computer. Edward J. Flickinger, MBA'48, writes, "With our last cruise in the Indian Ocean--starting in Bombay and visiting the Maldives, the Seychelles, Madagascar, Zanzibar, and Mombasa, Kenya--Mary and I can now count 126 countries in our all-over-the-world travels for the last 35 years!" Ralph M. Goldman, AB'48, PhD'51, a political scientist, joins daughter Marjorie E. ("Meg") Goldman, AB'81, and her family in Seattle as he moves his Center for Party Development from Catholic University in Washington, DC, to the University of Washington, where he plans to teach. Ralph, who presides over the center and edits its newsletter, Party Developments, recently completed a manuscript, Building Trust: An Introduction to Peacekeeping and Arms Control. Joe S. Ham, Jr., PhB'48, SM'51, PhD'54, has retired as physics professor after 40 years at Texas A&M. Frank D. Kenney, AB'48, JD'49, see 1944, Virginia Banning Kenney. Frances Carlin Leek, AB'48, continues teaching at the University of Wisconsin­Superior. She enjoys her children and grandchildren, who are spread out across the country. Morris J. LeVine, PhB'48, MD'52, has retired from surgical practice, attends courses at the University of Southern Florida, and teaches biblical archaeology to senior citizens. He and wife Marilyn Fisher LeVine, PhB'48, SB'50, AM'51, are participating in an archaeological dig in Israel. Nao Sekiguchi Wenkam, SB'48, SM'51, has retired in Hawaii after 38 years with the University of Hawaii and six years with the Hawaii state legislature.


Norman Elkin, AM'49, won a lifetime achievement award from the Chicago advocacy group Friends of Downtown for his contributions to improving the urban environment. Jack Joseph, AB'49, JD'52, is a manager of the Chicago Bar Association. Murray A. Newman, SB'49, has returned from Singapore, where he helped design a public aquarium. Edward L. Pattullo, AB'49, writes of himself and wife Elizabeth, "We both retired from Harvard in 1987, but I retained an office and go in every day to write cranky essays on the state of the world." Alfred Schwartz, AM'46, PhD'49, touts San Diego as a place for retirement. His grandson Arman--son of Reid M. Schwartz, AB'70, AM'74, PhD'81, and Mary Halboth Schwartz, AM'75--plans to begin college in the fall. John H. Waddell, X'49, is the subject of the 1996 book John Henry Waddell: The Art and the Artist, by Michael F. Sarda (Bridgewood Press). With 300 illustrations and extensive text by Waddell on his experience and philosophy, the book builds on the author's close work with Waddell and his wife, Ruth Holland Waddell, AB'44.

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