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February 1997

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Manja Krieks Miles, AB'70, and Marc Miles, AB'70, AM'74, PhD'76, live in Newton, MA, and celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary in 1996. Manja received her M.S.W. in 1995 and works for the Big Sister Association of Boston. Marc joined Lehrman Bell Mueller Cannon, an Arlington, VA, financial-forecasting firm, as executive vice president. Daughter Erin graduated from Columbia University in 1996; daughter Averi is a third-year student in the College; and son Todd is a high-school junior. Reid M. Schwartz, AB'70, AM'74, PhD'81, see 1949, Alfred Schwartz. In 1996, Grant D. Venerable II, SM'67, PhD'70, left California--where he taught at San Francisco State, co-created the Step to College/ASCEND program for at-risk high-school youngsters, published The Paradox of the Silicon Savior, and founded Ventek Software, Inc.--to become associate provost and vice president for academic affairs at Chicago State University.


Ronald S. Calinger, PhD'71, won a First Class Austrian Cross for the Sciences and Arts for his research on Leonhard Euler and the history of mathematics, and for his teaching of imperial Austrian history. Calinger was the guest of Austrian Senate President Herbert Schambeck during the Austrian Millenium Celebration, and his latest book is Vita Mathematica.


Allen H. Berger, AB'72, has been appointed vice president for academic affairs and dean of the college at Franklin College in Franklin, IN. He and Rebecca Howat Berger, AB'73, "find it difficult to believe that [they] are the parents of a high- school senior--who is considering the U of C, of course!" Centaur Records has released a CD called Solo and Chamber Works by Ethan Haimo, featuring six compositions by Ethan T. Haimo, AB'72. Richard C. Klein, AM'72, of Glen Ellyn, IL, was promoted to senior vice president and actuary of the First Penn­Pacific Life Insurance Company. Neal S. Millard, JD'72, was elected president of the L.A. Bar Foundation, the arm of the L.A. county bar association that grants charitable monies to legal organizations that provide pro bono services to the needy and disabled. Dennis F. Miller, AM'72, has helped lead a collaborative effort between U.S. universities and government to establish a center for environmental technology in Bangkok, Thailand. The center will identify contaminated areas in Thailand and provide education and technical support on leading U.S. energy technologies.


Rebecca Howat Berger, AB'73, see 1972, Allen H. Berger. Marian J. Furst, SM'73, is a patent attorney in Boulder, CO. Mady Wechsler Segal, AM'67, PhD'73, see 1963, David R. Segal. Audrey C. Shalinsky, AB'73, a cultural anthropologist and full professor since 1991, has been appointed head of the anthropology department at the University of Wyoming.


Alston Fitts III, PhD'74, writes that his oldest daughter graduated from college and works in New York City, his second daughter is a senior at Boston College, and his youngest daughter attends Loyola University in New Orleans. Michael C. Hillmann, AM'69, PhD'74, a professor of Persian studies at the University of Texas, was the only Persianist from North America to participate in the first international congress of Persianist scholars at Tehran University in January 1996. He has written a textbook, Persian Fiction Reader (Dunwoody Press) and its companion, Persian Fiction Reader Workbook. He also has lectured on contemporary Persian fiction at the U of C's Center for Middle Eastern Studies. Aminur Rohman Khan, PhD'74, works in the population division of the United Nations in New York City and welcomes contact from fellow sociology alumna at or 212/963-4526.

Shepherd G. Pryor IV, MBA'74, joined the financial consulting firm LoBue & Associates, where he heads credit products. Daughter Stephanie studies at the School of the Art Museum in Boston and son Shepherd V majors in neuroscience at Princeton. "My wife, Diane, steers the process and writes the tuition checks," he writes. "Looks like she'll continue in those roles for a long time into the future."


Mary Halboth Schwartz, AM'75, see 1949, Alfred Schwartz.


Shirley Krechevsky Werthamer Weiss, AM'47, PhD'76, was a delegate to the U.N. Conference on Women in Beijing in 1995 and helped organize the U.N. Conference One Year Later at Palm Beach Community College. She lobbies the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to ratify the U.N. Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women. June Gatch Zaragoza, AB'76, has two children and works for the American Dietetic Association in Chicago as an acquisitions and development editor.


Markes E. Johnson, PhD'77, became chair of the Williams College geosciences department and convened the Second International Symposium on the Silurian System at the University of Rochester. Thomas J. Main, AB'77, is an assistant professor of public affairs at Baruch College, CUNY. He and wife Carla have one son, Henry.


Debra Ansen, AB'78, has moved from Bern, Switzerland, to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where she has accepted a top operational position in Mutiara Telecommunications, a company she helped a former employer, Swiss Telecom, to acquire. From Malaysia, where she plans to stay two years, Ansen "commutes" to the U of C's M.B.A. program in Barcelona, where she enrolled in 1995. William A. Thellian, MBA'78, has married Rita Marie Ward; founded the Computers for Education Program of Ohio, where he now serves as executive director, placing donated computers in needy schools; and shifted the focus of his consulting work from information technology to organization development. "All in the last year!" he writes. "Yippee!"


Charlotte A. Digregorio, AM'79, hosts "Poetry Beat," an hour-long Oregon Public Broadcasting radio program featuring interviews and poetry readings. She invites published and/or award-winning alumni poets to send their résumés and introductory letters to P.O. Box 1043, Portland, OR 97207. Jean Goodwin, AB'79, JD'84, see 1934, Belle Korshak Goldstrich. Lee S. Hillman, MBA'79, was appointed president and CEO of Bally Total Fitness Holding Corporation in Chicago. Roger Orf, MBA'77, JD'79, founder of Pelham Partners Ltd., owns property in the U.K. and Spain. He and wife Lisa Toner Heffernan, MBA'80, who is now in food-industry mergers and acquisitions at J.P. Morgan, have settled in London with their three children: Kate, 9; Ted, 7; and Ben, 3.

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