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APRIL 2003
Volume 95, Issue 4
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Editor's Notes
Door prize
Serendipity comes our way. Twice.
Found art? Maybe, maybe not. But spotting this door deposited in the big blue dumpster that seems permanently parked beside Botany Pond made my morning walk one day in March. As I continued my circuit around the quads, several scenarios came to mind: perhaps the person who vacated an office slated for renovation had outgrown the poster taped to the door. Or perhaps the move had been one of those all too familiar last-minute marathons—books, papers, files, and lab equipment hurled into cartons as the movers waited, leaving no time for the occupant to close the door behind her, let alone tear off a once-prized poster.
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...getting pleasure from reading the obituaries...
Archaeological Analog
Minority Views
E-letter: Cockroaches as heavy breathers
"New" versus "Old" Chicago Seven
Race Reasoning
Defining Diversity
Going to bat for Pinocchio
Marriage, Mores, and AIDS
Which way to the revolution?
Dead equal
Alumni Artists: FOTA awaits
Department of corrections
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From the President
The best defense
President Don M. Randel discusses how uncertain times affect the climate and work of the University.
I write this in the final week of the winter quarter. It is a moment of recurring tension and concentration in the academic calendar. For students and faculty alike there is the pressure of exams and papers. For the administration and the Board of Trustees there is the need to make decisions about the University’s finances for the academic year 2003–04. But there have been two longed-for sunny and warm days, and everyone hopes that spring recess will make things seem better.
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Cartoonist Jessica Abel, AB'91, travels to chilly Philly to hear a Harper Lecture on global warming.
by Jessica Abel, AB'91
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