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Welcome home
Comedian Bernie Sahlins, AB’43, takes in a show at the Second City, a Chicago improv institution he helped launch 45 years ago.
In 1959 Bernie Sahlins, AB’43, sold his share of a tape-recorder factory and joined a couple of other young men, the director Paul Sills, AB’51, and the talented factotum Howard Alk (who defined a Freudian slip as “meaning to say one thing and saying a mother”), to found the Second City, a Chicago cabaret theater that now has touring companies and branches in several cities and has spawned an antic army of talent. To name all the former players who became famous in Hollywood and on Saturday Night Live would leave no space here for anything else, but they include John Candy, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Martin Short, Gilda Radner, John Belushi, Chris Farley, and Tina Fey.
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Peer Review

Arts & Letters

The only good hero
Why comic creator Peter B. Gillis, AB’73, AM’80, killed his champions.
In the early 21st century, Earth is beset by the Horde, a technologically advanced alien race intent on plundering the planet. The world government, in a desperate attempt at defense, engineers an elite group of superheroes. The catch? Their new powers kill them within a year.
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Who likes poker? A show of hands.
An alumnus hits the jackpot with cable television’s latest moneymaker.
Steve Lipscomb, JD’88, has played his cards right. The 43-year-old founder and CEO of the World Poker Tour, a televised, no-limit Texas hold ’em tournament on the Travel Channel, bet big before the flop and helped spur a poker fever that in the past year and a half has made lingo like “flop” familiar in households across the country.
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Cultural Studies
Model Students
Before Chicago scholars don cap and gown, they proclaim their affliliation with alma mater more casually, broadcasting the University spirit in all its iterations—from wry puffery to sly contempt. This fall photographer Lloyd DeGrane found pret-a-porter propaganda gracing the shoulders of several Chicago students. In fact, unsanctioned slogans are so popular among quads fashionistas that the classic, “Where fun comes to die,” has spawned its own knockoffs.—A.L.M.
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Bed as Battlefield, 2002, oil on canvas, by John Ransom Phillips, AB'60, PhD'66. From Bed as Autobiography (U of C Press, 2004). See Open Mike.


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