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Behind the scenes
In its 50th-anniversary year, the Court Theatre gives an intimate backstage tour.
In the Court Theatre’s black-tiled lobby half a dozen 50- and 60-somethings mingle. “You were at the symphony last night, weren’t you? I thought I saw you,” says a man with a trim white beard and glasses to another in a tweed jacket. “I can’t talk about politics,” says a pantsuited woman. “I get too upset.”
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Chicago Journal

Three Nobels in three fields
When the 2004 Nobel Prize countdown ended this fall, a frequently updated University of Chicago T-shirt was ready for another edition. With the addition of two alumni and a former professor, the newest version will list 78 Nobel laureates who have studied or taught at the University.
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Election Day at Obama HQ
At a Loop diner on November 2, second-year Andrew Hammond and third-year Amrit Mehra discussed Illinois state senator and Law School senior lecturer Barack Obama, every so often pausing to look up at the diner’s television, broadcasting live election coverage. Both students began volunteering for Obama’s U.S. Senate campaign in January 2004 and worked as policy interns over the summer. Now they were watching the results of their efforts play out.
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Well, look who’s coming through that door...
He wore his trademark red socks, but Prairie Home Companion host Garrison Keillor was in a decidedly blue mood when he arrived at Rockefeller Memorial Chapel November 3. “I am a Democrat,” the public-radio icon told the near-capacity crowd. “I am a museum-quality Democrat, and I have spent my time this morning crouched in a fetal position.”
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Falcon quest
An ornithological report from contributing editor John Easton:
For some time tales have circulated around campus that a peregrine falcon, until recently an endangered species, had taken up residence among the Gothic towers of the main quads—the urban equivalent of cliffs and ledges. So when Mandy Collins, a Hospitals housekeeper, came to my office October 29 looking for a guy with a camera to photograph the “giant killer bird in the courtyard,” I assumed the falcon was what she had found.
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College Report: House work
In an informal settlement outside Cape Town, South Africa, this past summer, third-year history concentrator Nick Juravich was taking pictures of dingy plywood and sheet-metal shelters when a group of children, intrigued by the camera, asked him to photograph them with their bikes. While the kids posed, two older men stepped in Juravich’s way and demanded to know what he was doing snapping pictures in their township. Slightly taken aback, he told them that he was working to help protect poor, internally displaced people—like those in the settlement—from the government’s heavy-handed evictions. The men immediately smiled and welcomed him.
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