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For Kim Kopp, MFA’92, time is the essence. She spent two years (2005–07) constructing works like january, grouping individually made 9.5 x 6.5–inch mixed-media paintings to form the months of calendar-year 2005. With 31 panels representing each day of the month, january suggests “the lemon-yellow glow” as the days grow brighter after December’s winter solstice. The dark, solid panels punctuating the grid are not “bad days, as some people think,” Kopp says, but “act as resting places or activating moments in the whole group.” See “On Exhibit.”

Language arts
At Words Without Borders, Dedi Felman aims to make non-English literature more accessible

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Laureate longevity
As the first poet laureate of Queens, New York, Stephen Stepanchev, AB’37, AM’38, drew inspiration from a range of adventures, from getting mugged to nibbling dim sum.

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Game theory
Katherine Isbister gives video-game characters a dose of psychology.

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C. Vitae
As a member of the Italian Senate, Renato Turano shifts careers from baker to lawmaker.

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