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JUNE 2003
Volume 95, Issue 5

GRAPHIC:  ResearchNext Generation

Thanks to the Access Grid (AG) developed by Argonne National Laboratory’s Futures Lab, directed by Chicago computer-science professor Rick Stevens, scientists nationwide now can collaborate in a virtual conference room. For example, 28 remote sites popped in on this September 2002 National Science Foundation (NSF) meeting—the largest such meeting to date. In the center display NSF official George Strawn discussed the TeraGrid—an $89 million project connecting supercomputers at five U.S. locations, including Chicago/Argonne, to create the world’s fastest research network. Among the listeners sharing one of Argonne’s four AG nodes, or rooms containing the required high-quality audio and visual technology, were Chicago computer-science professor Ian Foster (back row, second from left) and Computation Institute senior research associate Robert Gardner (far right). More than 150 research institutions worldwide already have one or more AG nodes.


IMAGE:  Next Generation
Courtesy Argonne National Laboratory's Futures Lab


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