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Flogging our blog

Why jump on the Web log bandwagon? To give you fresher views of Chicago—and room to log your thoughts.
It turns out that starting a blog is a bit like getting a dog. At the first mention of the idea, there’s wild, almost childlike enthusiasm. Who wouldn’t want a fluffy little puppy? It will be so much fun. But then your inner grown-up kicks in. Who’s going to feed it, take it for walks? The whole thing will be a lot of work.
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Being human is having an opinion—and acting on it.

President Don Michael Randel offers his opinion on the necessity of taking sides, both as institutions and as individuals.
In Graham Greene’s The Quiet American, one of the characters remarks: “Sooner or later one has to take sides. If one is to remain human.” Said in the latter days of the French conflict in Vietnam and the beginning of the United States’ deep involvement, the observation has continuing relevance to us all, whether in war or peace. It has particular relevance to universities and their presidents.
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Cartoonist Jessica Abel, AB’91, goes to the movies, Chicago style.
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…the Magazine’s constant air of self-congratulation…

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