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Field of Grass (top left) and Field of Grass, Lavender (bottom right), are two pieces in a series of grass paintings by Mary D. Ott, SM’67, PhD’71, on exhibit at Maryland's Metropolitan Center for the Visual Arts in April. Embroidery yarn dipped in paint and dragged blade by blade across the canvas produces the effect. The prints Bouquet of Grasses XVI (top right) and Bouquet of Grasses XIII (bottom left) were created by running bits of nature and ink through an etching press. PHOTO CREDIT: Courtesy Mary D. Ott © 2004.
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photo:  cvitaeC.Vitae
Days of Wine and Prizes: Warren Winiarski, AM’62, changed the way the world views American wine.
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photo:  jazz infusionJazz infusion
“I’ve got a song in my head right now,” reports musician Paul Steinbeck.
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photo:  paper routePaper route
East meets West in Claud Gurney's luxury wallpaper.
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photo:  dogCultural Studies
Whoever said brainiacs aren’t buff? In between lectures, labs, and library time, U of C scholars exercise their muscles as much as their minds.
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