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October-December 1996

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After 13 years of practicing municipal-bond law, Judith A. Blackwell, AB'80, is now the deputy CFO of the city of Atlanta. "I owe it all to my undergraduate training as an economics major at the University of Chicago," she writes. Edward F. Carter, MBA'80, president of Harza Northeast in Utica, NY, has been elected to the board of directors of Harza Engineering Company, a Chicago-based international engineering and consulting firm. Teresa L. Friend, AB'80, and her partner, Patricia, announce the arrival of daughter Lindsey Gail, 1, born in Jiangzi province, China. Friend is the managing attorney of the Homeless Advocacy Project in San Francisco, where they live. Philip A. Hall, PhD'80, see 1935, Robert A. Hall, Jr. Robert T. Lehe, PhD'80, was promoted to full professor of philosophy at North Central College. He is a specialist in epistemology and metaphysics and last winter published "Realism and Reality" in The Journal of Philosophical Research.

Sheila Lyne, MBA'80, commissioner of the Chicago Department of Public Health, received the 1996 distinguished public-service alumnus award from the Graduate School of Business. A member of the Religious Sisters of Mercy, Lyne was president of Mercy Hospital in Chicago before her 1991 appointment as health commissioner. Richard Steinberg, MBA'80, is a tenured lecturer in operations management in the Judge Institute of Management Studies at the University of Cambridge, England. Claire E. Toth, AB'80, JD'82, and David G. Dietze, JD'82, were married on April 5. Dietze is the founder and president of Point View Financial Services, a Summit, NJ­based investment advisory firm. Toth is leaving the office of IRS chief counsel in Washington, DC, becoming of counsel to Herold & Haines in Warren, NJ. The couple lives in Summit.


Michael S. Alper, AB'81, AM'83, was selected by the National Endowment for the Humanities to participate in a six-week summer seminar for school teachers, "Dante's Commedia," held at St. John's College in Santa Fe, NM. Lindsey L. Johnson, AB'81, who cofounded Women Incorporated in January 1995, received the 1996 Ernst & Young entrepreneur of the year award for northern California. Anne M. Nordhaus-Bike, AB'81, won an Apex award of excellence for newswriting from Communication Concepts, a Washington, DC, communications and journalism think tank. Her winning article--on the battle for control of Chicago's Auditorium Theatre--appeared in the Near West Gazette community newspaper.

Clara E. Orban, AB'81, PhD'90, has been promoted, with tenure, to associate professor of Italian and French at DePaul University. Joyce Scharmer Olson Turner, AM'81, and her husband, Carrol, sailed on Trinity, their 40-foot sailboat, from Rochester, NY, to Norfolk, VA; then traveled offshore for 12 days and 1,500 miles to Tortola, British Virgin Islands. After three months in the Virgin Islands, they sailed down the Leeward and Windward island chains to Grenada and Trinidad, docking the boat there until October 1. The couple enjoyed summer in the Adirondacks and will cruise Venezuela and Trinidad this winter.


David G. Dietze, JD'82, see 1980, Claire E. Toth. Barry J. Friedberg, AB'82, has joined the New York City firm Trachtenberg & Rhodes. Katherine B. Griffith, AB'82, works in communications for a sustainable-agriculture project in Wisconsin. She lives with husband Soren and daughter Savannah in Madison, where they are "co-housing with a wonderful family." Julia F. Heberle, AB'82, see 1983, John M. Carpenter. Divinity School professor Jonathan B. Krogh, AB'82, AM'84, MDV'87, reports that John M. Buchanan, DB'63, is taking a year's leave of absence as pastor of the Fourth Presbyterian Church to serve in the denomination's highest elected office, moderator of the Presbyterian Church, USA. Laurie Kalmanson, AM'82, who works at Yoyodyne Entertainment, invites alumni to write to the company at or visit their Web site at

Richard A. Kaye, AB'82, received his Ph.D. in English literature from Princeton this past June. He lives in New York City and teaches at the New School for Social Research. Bart A. Lazar, AB'82, a partner at Seyfarth, Shaw, Fairweather & Geraldson in Chicago, practices intellectual-property law. He and his wife, Lydia, have two daughters: Rachel, 3, and Naomi, 1. Martin M. Matzuk, AB'82, received the Richard E. Weitzman memorial award from the Endocrine Society for his research on mammalian reproduction and development. Michelle A. McFaddin, AB'82, lives in Austin, TX, with husband Paul and five cats. She provides expert-witness and environmental/regulatory affairs consulting services to trial attorneys in "complex, toxic tort litigation, a plaintiff-oriented practice that is both exhilarating and rewarding!"

Christopher J. Sandrolini, AB'82, lives in Washington, DC, and works as a Foreign Service officer. He previously served in the Dominican Republic, India, and Slovakia. Julie F. Senecoff, AB'82, and her husband, Juan Navia, announce the adoption of their second child. Daughter Carmen, born March 10, joins older brother Juan. Senecoff is a research associate in genetics at the University of Georgia. Katherine G. Wilkins, AB'82, works at the Amistad Research Center, founded by Clifton H. Johnson, AM'49. The center is the largest independent black-history manuscripts library in the world. Other U of C alumni who have worked there include Andrew C. Simons, AM'93.


John M. Carpenter, AB'83, and Julia F. Heberle, AB'82, live in the Roxborough section of Philadelphia with children Robin, 4, and Eleanor, 1. Carpenter is executive director of the New Kensington Community Development Corporation, and is a whitewater kayaker and woodworker in his spare time. Heberle completed her Ph.D. in developmental psychology at the University of Pennsylvania in 1991 and, after spending four years working on an NICHD study of early child care, is a developmental psychologist at West Chester University of Pennsylvania. Martha F. Davis, JD'83, an adjunct assistant professor at the NYU School of Law, was named legal director of the NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund.

Richard Ehrlich, AB'83, see 1984, Mikal W. Grass. Victoria L. Farmer, AB'83, has been named assistant director of the Center for the Advanced Study of India at the University of Pennsylvania. Vincent P. Ferrera, AB'83, PhD'89, writes, "After years languishing in the existential torpor of Post-doc Hell, I have been appointed assistant professor in the department of psychiatry and the Center for Neurobiology and Behavior at Columbia University." After four years in San Francisco, "not a bad place to languish, as these things go," he now lives on Manhattan's Upper West Side. Jacqueline Silverman Kieff, PhD'83, see 1971, Elliott D. Kieff. Bruce R. Kingma, AB'83, has been promoted, with tenure, to associate professor in the economics department and the School of Information Science and Policy at the State University of New York, Albany.

Alice E. Michel, AB'83, is a post-doc at the University of Michigan, doing research in evolutionary biology on speciation of mollusks in rift lakes. She's worked at Lake Tanganyika, East Africa, for many years, and also at Lake Baikal, Siberia. Eric W. Nye, AM'76, PhD'83, continues teaching in the English department at the University of Wyoming. Having just finished a four-year term on the Wyoming Council for the Humanities, he has recently been appointed to the founding board of the Wyoming Center for the Book. In May, Eric C. Robinson, AB'83, earned a J.D. from Washburn University's law school. Judy Weissman, AB'83, and David R. Beaglehole, MBA'87, PhD'91, who were married on August 2, announce the May 1 birth of daughter Sarah Rhys. Leslie J. ("Joe") Woods, MBA'83, has been named vice-president and general manager of PrimeCo Personal Communications' Wisconsin operations.


James J. Campanella, AB'84, SM'88, received his doctorate in molecular biology from Case Western Reserve University at the end of 1995. As the Howard Hughes lecturer at Lehigh University, Campanella teaches and does research in the biological-sciences department. His wife, Lisa Webber Campanella, MBA'88, is a public-relations representative for the American Income Life Insurance Company. Harry E. Douglas, AB'84, reports that he and his wife, Suzette, have a 1-year-old daughter, Joy Marie. Douglas practices law in Chino Hills, CA, and trains for marathons in his spare time.

Joseph F. Goldberg, AB'84, and wife Amy-Louise announce the July 30 birth of son Joshua Michael. In June, Joseph completed a residency in psychiatry at the Payne Whitney Clinic­New York Hospital; he is now an instructor in psychiatry at Cornell University Medical College and has begun a private practice for general adult psychiatry in New York. Amy-Louise is an executive recruiter in human resources at Leslie Kavanagh, Inc. Mikal W. Grass, AB'84, relocated from Melbourne, FL, to Miami, where he practices adoption and immigration law and has been appointed to an adoption-legislation task force. He keeps in touch with Lawrence A. Heller, AB'84, MBA'88, and Richard Ehrlich, AB'83. Jens K. Heycke, AB'84, AM'86, see 1965, Dieter Heycke.

Last spring, while teaching her regular University of Pennsylvania class "The Naturalistic Paradigm of Science and Qualitative Methods in Nursing Research," Sarah H. Kagan, AB'84, "had an experience that must fall under the category of 'you can take the girl out of Chicago but you can't take Chicago out of the girl.' Dana D. Fleischhacker, AB'89, stopped me after class. 'Did you go to Chicago?' came the question. Yes, I said. 'It shows,' Dana said. Takes one to know one, or something like that." Ann Durkin Keating, AM'79, PhD'84, was promoted to associate professor of history at North Central College.


Christopher Abbinante, MBA'85, eastern-division manager and vice-president of Chicago Title Insurance Co., has been elected senior vice-president of CTIC. Michael I. Allen, X'85, has been appointed an assistant professor of classics at the U of C, teaching medieval Latin and paleography. His son, Leo Pick, was born June 30, 1995. Philip A. Fried, PhD'85, moved to Minneapolis to become choral director at the Isante Middle School and has returned to performing on bass and electric bass. He directed and conducted The Pirates of Penzance at Camp Encore/Coda, and has appeared as a bassist with The New Music Theater Ensemble in the premiere of Three Visitations by Kim Sherman. Fried's 4 Satires in Popular Styles was premiered by his wife, soprano Janet Gottschall, as a fund-raiser for the Opera Millennium of Minneapolis. Fried's most recent commission is from the Phantom Arts Ensemble of Boston: a duet based on poems by Mina Loy, to be performed this season. He is also at work on an ear-training method for children.

Kevin M. Neuman, AB'85, MBA'89, see 1988, Gretchen Miller Neuman. Thomas E. Phalen, AB'85, and Priscilla E. Purnick-Phalen, SB'85, announce the July 6 birth of son Paul Thomas. Priscilla is in the last year of her Ph.D. in neuroscience at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Their 4-year-old daughter, Lena, started kindergarten this fall. After two years at the University of Kentucky, Paulus W. van den Broek, PhD'85, left to become a full professor and director of the Center for Cognitive Science at the University of Minnesota. Michael R. Wing, AB'85, is an assistant geology professor at Middlebury College, where his research focuses on the water quality of Lake Champlain.


Dane S. Claussen, MBA'86, just began work on a Ph.D. in mass communications at the University of Georgia. He finished his master's in the same subject at Kansas State University in August. Jennifer A. Huffman, AB'86, an attorney in the Miami office of international law firm McDermott, Will & Emery, has been recognized by the Florida bar as a board-certified health-law attorney. Paul L. Otterstein, AM'86, is a pastor in the German Lutheran Church near Hamburg. John C. Peterson, MBA'86, has been promoted from vice-president to senior vice-president of ABN AMRO Services Company. Jude D. Rake, MBA'86, was recently appointed director of home-care business for North American Consumer Products, a division of SC Johnson Wax.

Molly Daniels Ramanujan, PhD'86, was one of five editors of Father Gander Rhymes and Other Poems-2, which includes work by several U of C­related writers. A release party was held in September at 57th Street Books. Timothy J. Storm, AB'86, has left Susman, Buehler & Watkins to form his own law practice, Storm & Associates, Ltd., concentrating on complex business and class litigation and related business counseling. Lucy Wang, MBA'86, won a 1996 award from the Berrilla Kerr Foundation "in grateful acknowledgment of her work in theatre." She also won the 1996­97 James Thurber Fellowship.


Montgomery B. Brown, AB'87, married Mary Stumbaugh in Indianapolis on February 18. Several U of C alumni and two faculty members attended. Brown is director of publications for the Philanthropy Roundtable in Indianapolis. Michael P. Clifford, AB'87, and his wife, Paige Thompson Clifford, AB'87, announce the birth of their second son, Andrew Patrick, on June 9, 1995. Barbara S. Glatt, MST'74, PhD'87, is vice-president of marketing for The Planet Group, a full-service Internet provider and software-consulting company in Chicago, at URL Her own software company, Glatt Plagiarism Services, is at URL The company helps "deter and detect" plagiarism.

Soo Y. Kwon, AB'87, and Jamil Jacobs-El welcomed their first child, Hannah Sunhee, on April 15. Kwon is completing her ob/gyn residency at the University of Cincinnati, and will be joining the faculty at Johns Hopkins­affiliated Sinai Hospital of Baltimore. Catherine L. Lawson, PhD'87, is a biophysicist at the Brookhaven National Laboratory. Tai-Loi Ma, AM'72, PhD'87, curator of the East Asian Library of the U of C, reports that the library received a gift book, A Collection of Selected Essays on Psychology by Hu Chi-Nan from the daughter of the late Chi-Nan Hu, PhD'34. Thomas M. McKibben, AB'87, see 1990, Grace Chan McKibben.

James T. Murphy, AB'87, received his master's degree from the Boston University School of Public Health in 1991 and has been working as an AIDS epidemiologist for both the Massachusetts and Chicago departments of public health. He lives in Chicago. Murphy has been published in peer-review journals and has given presentations at international and national AIDS and public-health conferences. Thomas H. Murray, AB'87, has been living in Asia for most of the past 13 years. After graduating from the American Graduate School of International Management, he became assistant general manager of The Bombay Company Asia-Pacific in Taichung, Taiwan, from 1990 to 1993. Murray then worked as general manager for Thai Leader Paints in Chonburi, Thailand, from 1993 until this winter. He and his wife, Thalia, traveled for five months to Nepal, India, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos, visiting Taiwan (Thalia's homeland) for the presidential elections in March. They have moved to Oakland, CA, where Murray is an international business consultant.

Sumner M. Saeks, MBA'87, is senior vice-president of the Alliance Capital Group, a turnaround and restructuring company based in Northbrook, IL. Virginia Orzac Secemsky, AM'75, PhD'87, was promoted to associate professor of social work at Aurora University. Sarah Christine Y. Smith, AB'87, left the federal government in July 1995, after four years with the Health Care Financing Administration, to join the Greater New York Hospital Association as assistant director for managed care.


  • Ban the Box: Jean Lotus, AB'88, edits The White Dot, a newsletter about what it's like to live without a television.

    Amanda Wallace Brooks, AM'82, PhD'88, participated in Mensa Golden, the 50th-anniversary conference of Mensa, in August. James L. Cambias, AB'88, see 1990, Diane A. Kelly. Lisa Webber Campanella, MBA'88, see 1984, James J. Campanella. Robert E. Draba, MST'72, PhD'78, MBA'88, is executive director of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons. Amelia L. Gallitano-Mendel, AB'88, see 1989, Julia J. Wenniger. Jeffrey D. Hamilton, MBA'88, was made an associate partner of Andersen Consulting. Alison McCurdy, SB'88, is an assistant professor of chemistry at Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, CA.

    Gretchen Miller Neuman, AB'88, reported in April that she and her husband, Kevin M. Neuman, AB'85, MBA'89, "are trying to keep up with our daughter, Celia, and prepare for her sibling who is due in August. Between Kevin's new job as a senior consultant at KPMG Peat Marwick and my graduate-school schedule at UIC (urban planning), we haven't had much time for keeping up with our friends from U of C. Hi to all!" Anthony E. Pohle, AB'88, is not a senior associate at Red Planet, but works closely with the company as part of Pohle & Associates Environmental Information Services. (This corrects information printed in the August/96 issue.--Ed.) Esta A. Spalding, AB'88, see 1989, Julia J. Wenniger. Samuel J. Tinaglia, AB'88, lives in Chicago and is a vice-president of corporate finance for Robert W. Baird & Co., an investment-banking firm. Robert M. Whitnell, PhD'88, an assistant professor of chemistry at Guilford College, spoke on "Multimedia Physical Chemistry Lectures: Development and Evaluation" at the 14th biennial conference on chemical education at Clemson University in August.


    Dana D. Fleischhacker, AB'89, see 1984, Sarah H. Kagan. Lawrence G. Friedman, AM'89, is a director at Huthwaite, Inc., a management-consulting firm in Virginia. His new book, Getting Partnering Right: How Market Leaders are Creating Long-Term Competitive Advantage, has made several business bestseller lists. He invites friends to contact him at Jeremy N. Howe-Smith, AB'89, has been studying bioengineering at Strathclyde University in Glasgow, Scotland, and planned to graduate with an M.S.C. in October. Since graduating from Chicago, he has traveled around Australia, Asia, and New Zealand and held jobs in Japan and Cincinnati. "I hope to stay and work in Scotland," he writes. "I love it here." Pepperdine University law professor Bryan A. Liang, PhD'89, recently published several articles, including one on crack-cocaine sentences in the Sacramento Recorder; one on managed-care organizations and malpractice in the Los Angeles Daily Journal; an article on sentences for crack dealers in the L.A. paper; and another on medical malpractice in the University of Chicago Law School Roundtable.

    Kent H. Nakagawa, SB'89, completed and defended his Ph.D. thesis in chemistry at Stanford in August. On August 30, he married Margaret L. Hazelton in Los Altos, CA. Nakagawa plans to find a research position in the San Francisco Bay area. Douglas W. Patton, AB'89, received his M.S. in secondary education from Loyola University of New Orleans in June. His wife, Robyn Kramer Patton, AB'90, received her M.D. from Tulane University in June. She is now a physician-in-residence at Spartanburg Regional Medical Center in South Carolina. Bruce I.A. Rigal, MBA'89, married Lisa Tedeschini in London on June 9. Eight U of C alumni attended. Rigal is a director of the investment-banking division of Deutsche Morgan Grenfell in London, and Tedeschini is a lawyer with Linklaters & Paines. Scott D. Rois, MBA'89, and his wife, Tracy, announce the birth of Olivia Anjuli on February 29. Rois is the environmental manager of G-P Gypsum Corp. in Atlanta. Marc J. Sardy, AB'89, left film and television production at Nickelodeon Studios Florida to begin studying for a Ph.D. in management and finance at the Judge Institute of Management at Cambridge University this fall.

    Taco A. Sieburgh Sjoerdsma, MBA'89, has moved from Singapore to Moscow to head Russian research for a joint venture of Paribas Capital Markets and United Financial Group. He invites any friends to contact him by e-mail,, or by telephone. Julia J. Wen-niger, AB'89, is in her third year of Ph.D. studies in neuroscience at the University of Pennsylvania. Amelia L. Gallitano-Mendel, AB'88, recently finished her Ph.D. in the same department. Wenniger is helping Esta A. Spalding, AB'88, edit her second book of poetry.

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