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Class News Highlights

"Golf is diminishing, great-grandchildren are increasing!"
-Ross B. Whitney, PhB'33, MBA'59

"This is our 25th anniversary as expatriates, having lived in [Spain], Switzerland, France, Italy, and Japan."
-Georgia Disch Barnett, SB'43

"My favorite pastimes are going to chor-al concerts, sailing on Lake Michigan, landscape photography, and getting lost while hiking in southern Utah."
-John Opie, AM'61, PhD'63

"Jeff teaches classics in New Jersey. Donna acts out 'The Mulberry Bush.'"
-Donna Camloh Bond, AB'83, AM'84, and Jeffrey M. Bond, AM'81, PhD'92

"I don't recommend moving, finding a new job, finishing a degree, getting married, and having a child in the same year....Not that I'm worried."
-Matthew Schreiber Wiest, AB'89

"My family and I are celebrating our 20th year here in the U.S. We left in 1975 from Vietnam; I was 5 years old."
-Mong-Ha T. Hoang, AB'91

Within Class News:

  • Preserving Camelot: Bradley Gerratt, AM'79, MBA'79 directs the John F. Kennedy Library.
  • Smaller, Freer, Better: Deborah Meier, AM'55 helped found a new inner city high school in New York.

  • 17

    Hedwig M. Schinkel, PhB'17, celebrated her 100th birthday on March 6 with over 100 guests at St. Paul's House and Health Care Center in Chicago, writes Edith Finnell Waytula, AB'45, who volunteers at St. Paul's. Schinkel's handmade note cards are available in the St. Paul's gift shop.

    21 Reunion 1996, May 31-June 2

    Ionia J. Rehm, PhB'21, celebrated her 98th birthday in April. Mathematics chair at Steinmetz High School when the school opened, she taught there for more than 30 years. Rehm lives in her family home with her sister, Margaret.


    Felix F. Caruso, SB'25, celebrated his 94th birthday at 105 The Lane in Hinsdale, where he's lived for 60 years. A member of the Hinsdale Golf Club, he enjoys golfing in the summer. Leo S. Shapiro, PhB'25, received an honorary alumnus award from California State University, Fullerton. The founding president of the school's Continuing Learning Experience group of retired professionals, Shapiro is a former Alpha Beta Markets executive.

    26 Reunion 1996, May 31-June 2

    Helen Wooding Sihler, PhB'26, AM'27, writes, "I am alive-an achievement."


    Ida Brevad De Pencier, PhB'28, AM'50, celebrated her 102nd birthday and is "pushing 103."


    Elbert L. Little, Jr., SM'29, PhD'29, writes that he and George L. Cross, PhD'29, both botanists and Oklahomans, celebrated their 65th graduation anniversary together in December. A forest botanist with USDA Forest Service from 1934 until 1976, Little continues to volunteer with the service and is an honorary research associate at the Smithsonian Institution. Little has authored 25 tree books-several in Spanish. Cross started at the University of Oklahoma as a botany professor in 1934 and was president of the university from 1943 until 1968. He has written seven books about the school's history, and its botany/microbiology building was named for him on his 90th birthday. A bronze statue in his honor is also planned. Melanie Loewenthal Pflaum, PhB'29, continues to live in Javea, on Spain's Mediterranean coast, where her three sons-including Peter E. Pflaum, AB'58, AB'59, and Thomas M. Pflaum, JD'76-and nine grandchildren visit. She writes for local journals and has published 14 novels, most located in places where her late husband, Irving B. Pflaum, PhB'28, X'30, was on assignment with United Press and the Chicago Sun-Times. Three of her novels include "the U of C background, somewhat disguised."


    Irma Frantz Watson, PhB'30, and husband Bill celebrated their 65th anniversary in June. They were married in Bond Chapel. The D.A.R.'s honorary state regent of Mexico, Watson founded a D.A.R. chapter in Hot Springs Village, AR, and holds positions in village, county, and state Republican organizations. She has two sons, three granddaughters, and four great-grandchildren.

    31 Reunion 1996, May 31-June 2

    Julia Mele Codilis, PhB'31, writes, "I never cease to be proud of my degree from the University of Chicago." Dorothy Heicke Haug, PhB'31, writes, "Save a place for me in [Reunion] '96! I plan to be there!"


    Paul S. Davis, JD'32, has retired as chair of the Michigan legislation committee and as a board member of the Michigan Federation of Chapters of the National Association of Retired Federal Employees, according to Theodore E. Ridley, AB'43, MBA'46. Ridley notes that Davis "won the case before the U.S. Supreme Court to contest state income tax on retired federal employees. All are now exempt, as were state retirees."


    Stanley Mosk, PhB'33, X'35, has spent 30 years on the Supreme Court of California. His staff celebrated with a dinner in honor of "his first 30 years" on the court. Ross B. Whitney, PhB'33, MBA'59, has been retired and living on Hilton Head Island for 21 years. He writes, "Golf is diminishing, great-grandchildren are increasing! Makes me feel...old!"


    C. June Rose Gaertner, PhB'34, of Florida, corresponds with Elinor Porter Carlberg, PhB'34, of California, and hoped to visit her sometime this year. Nora McLaughlin Wayne, PhB'34, welcomed her fifth great-grandchild earlier this year and celebrated her 58th wedding anniversary in May.


    Edward D. Friedman, AB'35, JD'37, left the Washington, DC, area for "points southwest in winter and northeast for the rest of the year." Alvin M. Weinberg, SB'35, SM'36, PhD'39, celebrated his 80th birthday in Oak Ridge, TN. As a former director of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, his birthday was marked by a citywide observance and a technical program at the lab.

    36 Reunion 1996, May 31-June 2

    Vivian Klemme Sawyer, AB'36, MBA'37, spent three weeks in June traveling to Finland and the Russian cities of Moscow, Suzdal, and St. Petersburg. She lives in Delmar, NY, a suburb of Albany. Martin F. Young, AB'36, lives in a retirement community in Escondido, CA, and no longer has to mow grass or cut brush. He writes, "Thanks to shoulder surgery, during which they accidentally broke my arm and put in a foot-long steel rod, I flunk all the metal-detector tests."


    Joseph W. Stephenson, X'37, and his wife of 52 years have lived in San Jose, CA, since 1950 and note that they are excellent guides, should any alumni be in the area. Stephenson moved to California in 1936 to work in the gold mines, and then met his wife in Berkeley. After serving with the Army in WWII in Europe, the Philippines, and Japan, he taught high-school science, had a small nursery, and wrote The Gardener's Directory. Stephenson now keeps busy with his yard-"overplanted, so it looks like a jungle"-and plays piano for several senior centers. Thomas M. Torgerson, MD'37, a doctor in Santa Rosa, CA, was cited as a distinguished alumnus by St. Olaf College in May. D. Throop Vaughan, AB'37, has moved to a retirement home in Indianapolis to cut down on housework. Catherine Pittman Watkins, AB'37, writes that Daniel C. Smith, AB'38, JD'40, and the late Louise Hoyt Smith, AB'37, joined her for the 1995 reunion, where they marched in the cavalcade and joined the alumni assembly in Rockefeller.


    Phyllis Morley Flood, AM'38, writes that she and husband Dick enjoy life on their tree farm in Canada. Seymour Meyerson, SB'38, a scientist with Amoco, was awarded an honorary doctor of science degree by Valparaiso University at its May commencement. Ivan M. Niven, PhD'38, see 1939, Betty Niven. Daniel C. Smith, AB'38, JD'40, see 1937, Catherine Pittman Watkins.


    Saul Bellow, X'39, see 1986, Lucy Wang. Donald C. Carner, AB'39, MBA'48, was selected to Morgan Park Academy's Hall of Fame this June. Carner spent much of his career as executive vice president and president of Memorial Hospital Medical Center in Long Beach, CA. Now president of Carner, Ltd., he lives in Tiburon, CA, with wife Hazel and has three children, four grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. Margaret Merrifield Clark, AB'39, reports that her eight children are doing well and "living purposeful, constructive lives." Clark leads the Estes Valley (CO) Improvement Association, a watchdog group that works with park, county, state, and national officials. Currently the group is opposing helicopter tour overflights of Estes Valley. Burton B. Moyer, Jr., AB'39, volunteers for ALIVE, a private organization in Alexandria, VA, that provides food, day care, and other help for needy women and children. Betty Niven, AB'39, and her husband, Ivan M. Niven, PhD'38, write, "We live here in Eugene, OR, in a retirement residence that we leave for several weeks each winter to visit Hawai'i, trading a sheltered life for 'la-la land,' as the permanent Honolulu residents label Waikiki. We enjoy seeing friends and relatives, the ocean view, and good restaurants within walking distance of our rented condo." Marshall J. Stone, AB'39, received the Pi Lambda Phi "Big Pi" award for public service in February. Florida's governor appointed him a delegate to the White House Conference on Aging, held in Washington, DC, in May.

    Within Class News:

  • Preserving Camelot: Bradley Gerratt, AM'79, MBA'79 directs the John F. Kennedy Library.
  • Smaller, Freer, Better: Deborah Meier, AM'55 helped found a new inner city high school in New York.

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