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Ashok R. Bendre, MBA'70, is president of Premier Professional Services, a business-consulting and professional engineering-services firm in Libertyville, IL. Daughter Rupali graduated from the University of Wisconsin and is a paralegal in Chicago, while son Anup graduated from the University of Illinois and may study medicine at Chicago. Barbara Bernstein, AB'70, "the Doc Films/Vaudeville show/University Theatre Barbara Bernstein," runs the Self-Referential Movies Mailing List, which "recommends and discusses movies that break the fourth wall and exhibit an awareness of their own movieness." For more information, send an E-mail message to Kenneth L. Cutler, AB'70, MBA'70, was named a leading attorney by his peers as a result of a state-wide survey of Minnesota lawyers. Cutler was nominated in the corporate- and finance-law category. Michael R. Darby, AM'68, PhD'70, is the Warren C. Cordner chair in money and financial markets at UCLA's Anderson Graduate School of Management. Robert G. Gilbertson, MBA'70, reports that his company, CMX Systems, was ranked 103rd in the Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing U.S. private companies. Louis E. Janus, AB'70, received his Ph.D. in Germanic philology from the University of Minnesota in December 1994 with a dissertation on set phrases in the Old Norse Egils Saga. The network coordinator for the university's Less Commonly Taught Languages Project, Janus is always looking for old college friends who use E-mail. His address is Daniel MacLean, AM'70, is vice president of Communispond, a training and consulting company specializing in business communications.

71 Reunion 1996, May 31-June 2

Robert S. Anderson, AM'67, PhD'71, recently ended his three-year appointment as director of Simon Fraser University's School of Communication, in Canada. He writes, "I can now gracefully avoid boards and committees and leave the pruning, weeding, and irrigating aspect of academic management to others. The call of unwritten books and untrodden paths has reached me; so have the demands of my graduate students." His E-mail address is: Gordon W. Lukesh, AB'71, received his M.S. and Ph.D. in differential geometry from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, before teaching math for four years at the University of Texas and three years at Texas A&M. Now a scientist at Hughes Aircraft in Albuquerque, he skis more than 40 days per year at Taos Ski Valley, is a certified scuba diver, and enjoys mountain biking at high altitudes. Margaret Woehrle Palu, AB'71, husband Serge, and daughter Laura left a rubber plantation in South Sumatra (Indonesia) in March after almost six years there. They now live in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where they plan to be for a few years. Palu notes they have plenty of room for visitors. John Roos, AM'69, PhD'71, see 1972, Thomas Blau. Margaret M. Stapleton, JD'71, see 1972, Thomas Blau. Leonard A. Zax, AB'71, heads the real-estate department of Latham & Watkins' Washington, DC, office. Zax adds, "To the great delight of my two children, I have also joined the firm's national entertainment- and sports-law group."


Charles E. Allen, MBA'72, president and cofounder of Graimark Realty Advisors, was reelected to a three-year term as a director of AAA Michigan. After 18 years of practicing law, Thomas Blau, AM'68, PhD'72, is teaching a course on the Pacific Rim in the graduate business program at Johns Hopkins. For the last seven years, he has been a consultant on technology trade with Asia, specializing in Japan, Hong Kong, and China. He lives in northern Virginia with his family. In addition to Blau, Thomas W. Vitullo-Martin, AM'69, PhD'73, of New York City; Margaret M. Stapleton, JD'71, of Chicago; and David A. Roos, AM'73, PhD'79, of South Bend, IN, "astounded" John Roos, AM'69, PhD'71, and his wife, Carol, with a 25th-anniversary surprise party in South Bend. James A. Doppke, AM'60, PhD'72, is president of the College of St. Francis. James D. Fisher, MBA'72, moved to Nashville to head marketing for Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, a restaurant/ shop chain. Ellen J. Freudenheim, AM'72, a freelance health-policy writer, is publishing her third nonfiction work, Healthspeak: A Dictionary of America's Health Care System (Basic Books), this fall. Freudenheim lives in Brooklyn with her journalist husband and her two children, who attend a Quaker school. Freudenheim helped organize last year's Silent March against Gun Violence in Washington, DC, and welcomes hearing from other potential gun-control activists as well as old friends.

Neal S. Millard, JD'72, was appointed to the Energy Commission for Los Angeles County and Cities. Jeffrey Quilter, AB'72, is director of pre-Columbian studies and curator of the pre-Columbian collection at Dumbarton Oaks Research Center in Washington, DC. Besides administering conferences, fellowships, publications, and grants, Quilter will continue to do his own research in the art and archaeology of pre-Columbian cultures. Stephen M. Shortell, MBA'71, PhD'72, the A.C. Buehler distinguished professor of health-services managment at Northwestern's Kellogg Graduate School of Management, received the 1995 Baxter Health Services research prize. Steven C. Summit, AB'72, earned his J.D. from Gonzaga University in 1975 and has been a member of the Connecticut state bar since 1976.


Sushil Auluck, SM'70, PhD'73, has been working at the University of Roorkee in India since 1973. This summer she spent two months doing collaborative research with the condensed-matter theory group of the physics department at Uppsala University in Sweden. Donna L. Bedard, PhD'73, a scientist at the GE research and development center, received the American Chemical Society's 1995 award for creative advances in environmental science and technology. Steve A. Brand, JD'73, was named a leading attorney by his peers in a statewide survey of Minnesota lawyers. Brand was nominated in the probate-, estate-, and trust-law category. L. Ann Cory Bretz, PhD'73, was named the 1994 alumna of the year by her high school, Emerich Manual High School in Indianapolis. Robert J. Greene, MBA'73, a consulting principal for James & Scott Associates in Bannockburn received a 1995 Keystone award from the American Compensation Association. Thomas W. Vitullo-Martin, AM'69, PhD'73, see 1972, Thomas Blau.


Judith A. Baer, AM'71, PhD'74, a professor of political science at Texas A&M University, is working on a project titled "Our Lives before the Law: Constructing a Woman-Centered Juris-prudence" as a 1995-96 fellow of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. Steven Bookman, AB'74, is CFO of Leveraged Technology, a management- and technology-consulting firm based in New York City. Leila Jackson Brown, AM'74, plays the organ at Concord United Methodist Church in Athens, WV. Chung-Hsuan Chen, SM'74, PhD'74, a researcher at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, was elected a fellow of the American Physical Society. Charles W. Eaker, PhD'74, a chemistry professor at the University of Dallas, received the school's 1995 King fellowship for his work over the last 19 years. Richard R. Erickson, SM'70, PhD'74, a professor of astronomy and director of Lycoming College's Detwiler Planetarium, received the school's 1994-95 faculty teaching award. Earl Webb Henry, MD'74, is vice president of clinical research at Guilford Pharmaceuticals. Donald C. Johanson, AM'70, PhD'74, director of the Institute of Human Origins in Berkeley, CA, received a 1995 alumni achievement award from the University of Illinois in May.

Norma Loo Leben, AM'74, founder and executive director of Morning Glory Treatment Center for Children in Pflugerville, TX, created a board game called the Feelings Wheel. Her book on group-play therapy is in its second edition. Leben, who annually holds training workshops for mental-health professionals in Hong Kong, is listed in the 1994 International Who's Who professional directory. Darrell Panethiere, AM'74, spent the past nine years working for the Justice Department and the Senate Judiciary Committee in Washington, DC. He is now moving to England with wife Jane, a British native and children's book author. Panethiere will practice international copyright law as a legal adviser to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, 54 Regent Street, London W1R 5PJ, United Kingdom. Classmates are invited to get in touch. Renee G. Rabinowitz, AM'69, PhD'74, has been in-house legal counsel at Colorado College since 1986. She lives in Denver and has been married to Rabbi Stanley Wagner for four years.


Richard M. Heath, MBA'75, is executive vice president of business development with Asset Management Group. San Diego physician Louis A. La Luz, Jr., AB'75, has seven children, three of whom are adopted. Alan I. Rapoport, PhD'75, is senior science-resources analyst for the National Science Foundation. Robert D. Toon, MD'73, PhD'75, has been stationed in Korea for over a year while his wife remains at home. He is "still proud to serve."

76 Reunion 1996, May 31-June 2

Stephanie M. Arena, AB'76, and husband Robert Drea, of Chicago, announce the January 9 birth of son Emmett Sjögren. Singer Media is syndicating "WorkWise," a column by Mildred L. Culp, AM'74, PhD'76. Donald C. Dahmann, AM'73, PhD'76, received the U.S. Census Bureau's highest honor, the Bronze Medal award, for his work in geographic analysis, including the 1990 census. Dahman, who has been with the bureau since 1978, is developing a new report series on the geography of U.S. population change. Carol A. Edelen, MST'76, married Kevin J. Ingley on December 31 in St. James Cathedral. The Ingleys met 12 years ago in graduate school at the University of Virginia; they now live in Kansas City, MO. Thomas M. Pflaum, JD'76, see 1929, Melanie Loewenthal Pflaum. Burt M. Rublin, AB'76, JD'78, is a partner in the Philadelphia office of the law firm Ballard Spahr Andrews & Ingersoll. Robert A. Wagner, MBA'76, is vice president of the Asian region and president of Graco K.K. for Graco, Inc.


John W. Cogdill, AM'77, working for the U.S. Agency for International Development in Nairobi, Kenya, is responsible for investigating allegations of fraud in the U.S. Foreign Assistance Program in Africa. Warren R. Copeland, AM'71, PhD'77, a professor of religion at Wittenberg University, received Wittenberg's 1995 alumni association award for distinguished teaching. Michael W. Erickson, AB'77, and his wife, Lisa A. Stegink, JD'91, announce the April 7 birth of daughter Natalie. George Hromnak, AB'77, and wife Mary Jane announce the September 26, 1994, birth of son Nathaniel. Hromnak has a psychiatric practice in central Pennsylvania.


Garry W. Cohen, JD'78, received a 1995 Chairman's Council award from Mesirow Financial, where he is executive vice president of the realty-services division. Margaret Cary Colarelli, AM'78, who teaches English literature and composition at Central Michigan University, is working on a screenplay about Antarctic explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton's journey across the Weddell Sea to South Georgia Island. She and her husband, Stephen M. Colarelli, AM'79, are the parents of Catherine, 10, and Julia, 3. James E. Healy, AM'78, the director of the Center for Family Ministry for the diocese of Joliet, was named an adviser to the National Council of Catholic Bishops' committee on marriage and the family. Healy, who received his Ph.D. in counseling psychology from the University of Illinois in 1985, writes and speaks nationally on marriage and the family. He and wife Madonna live with their four children in Joliet. Paula Kline, AM'78, has put together two children's cassettes in Spanish, Cantemos and Los Animales de la Creación. Gerald F. Kominski, AB'78, is a tenured associate professor at the UCLA School of Public Health and associate director of the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research. Margaret Burke Lee, AM'70, PhD'78, is president of Oakton Community College in Des Plaines and Skokie. She had been an English professor and academic vice president at the college since 1985. Edward A. Riedinger, AM'69, PhD'78, a Fulbright scholar, is completing field work for his book, Renaissance in the Tropics: The Flowering of Brazilian Culture in the Twentieth Century, 1922-1960. Beauregard Stubblefield-Tave, AB'78, MBA'82, is director of the HMO Harvard Community Health Plan.


Click here for alumni profile: Preserving Camelot: Bradley Gerratt, AM'79, MBA'79 directs the John F. Kennedy Library.

M. Scott Albert, MBA'79, a principal of Aurora Funds in North Carolina, co-manages Aurora Ventures LLC and the Aurora Bright Fund. Richard D. Barclay, AB'79, AM'83, and Marjorie Edison Barclay, AB'80, MBA'84, find that "surviving fire, flood, and quakes" in L.A. is easier than surviving Chicago winters. Richard manages the information-services support group at ARCO; Marjorie manages the strategic-procurement group. They write, "Katie, 2 1/2, continues to amaze us. She managed to get a boy she likes in trouble with the teacher her first day in preschool." Stephen M. Colarelli, AM'79, see 1978, Margaret Cary Colarelli. Jonathan C. Fox, AB'79, PhD'85, MD'87, an assistant professor of cardiovascular medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, lives with wife Suzanne Markel-Fox, X'87, and daughter Estelle in Narberth, PA. Markel-Fox finished her postdoctoral position at Penn and is technical director for departmental assessment for children's mental-health services of the state of Delaware. Fox-along with Amy E. Gedrich, AM'81, the Philadelphia alumni-club president-is coming up with more club activities; he encourages interested Philadelphia-area alumni to E-mail him at or call, 212/663-2933. Bonnie Sprankle Oppenheimer, MAT'79, see 1982, Seth F. Oppenheimer. Thomas J. Mays, AM'79, is assistant vice president for government and public affairs at Pacific Mutual Life Insurance. David A. Roos, AM'73, PhD'79, see 1972, Thomas Blau. Navy Lt. Cmdr. James T. Stasiak, AB'79, reported for duty at Naval Hospital in Guantanamo Bay earlier this year. For two years, Anne Walthall, AM'73, PhD'79, has enjoyed fall and spring in Japan as the Tokyo Study Center director for the University of California's education-abroad program. Gail Markowitz Wasserman, AM'79, has begun studies at Southwestern University School of Law.

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