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No engagements, please. Items may be edited for space. For that reason, starting with the April/96 issue we will no longer list all of the U of C alumni present at a wedding, but only those alumni who are relatives or were members of the wedding party. As news is published in the order in which it arrives, it may not appear immediately.

Please specify the year under which you would like your news to appear. Otherwise, we will list: (1) all former undergraduates (including those who later received graduate degrees) by the year of their undergraduate degree, and (2) all former students who received only graduate degrees by the year of their final degree.

Within Class News:

  • Criminal Records: Jonathan Dean, AM'85, PhD'93, directs the Old Jail Museum in Crawfordsville, IN, featuring one of only three circular jails left standing in America.

  • 90

    Roberto Apelfeld, PhD'90, see 1991, Liza M. Perkins. Catalina A. Fernald, AB'90, received her M.D. in 1994 from Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine and is in her second year of residency in psychiatry at Loyola Medical Center. Jose M. Garza, AB'90, MBA'92, see 1991, Liza M. Perkins. Sapna Gupta, AB'90, graduated in June 1995 from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard and now works in the West Africa infrastructure department of the World Bank in Washington, DC. She spent a month in Mali and Guinea working with their governments on transportation adjustment and privatization issues. She would love to hear from former classmates who are in the D.C. area. Gupta reports that Anand S. Raman, AB'90, graduated from Yale Law School and clerks in the Washington, DC, Circuit Court of Appeals. J. Derek Hartman, AB'90, see 1993, Edmund C. O'Brien.

    Pamela D. Hodgson, AB'90, married Rob Stauffer on August 19. Her short stories have appeared in a number of places, most recently "The Age of Maturity" in the anthology Blood Muse and "The Canterbury Path" in the August 1995 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Matthew J. Hower, MBA'90, is controller of Griffin Wheel Company in Chicago. Tammie S. Miller, AB'90, MBA'94, married Edward Aprahamian on June 24, 1995, in Rockefeller Chapel. Jessie Wang-Grimm, AB'90, was matron of honor and Andrea A. Barylak, AB'93, was a bridesmaid. Miller is an investment banker with Alex Brown & Sons. She and her husband bought a business, which he runs full time. In December, David C. Norris, SB'90, of Wayland, MA, went to Namibia to teach English in primary and secondary schools for one year. He is with WorldTeach, a nonprofit organization based at Harvard. Michael I. Oberlander, AB'90, and Sima Medow Oberlander, AB'90, announce the November 15 birth of son Noah Simcha, who "looks to be a good prospect for the Maroon football team." Grandparents Bunny and Mark I. Oberlander, PhD'67; grandparents Chelle and Robert P. Medow, AM'73; and aunt Panina Medow Licht, AB'92, and uncle Jacob Licht, AB'93, were on hand to welcome Noah, as were family dogs Wrigley and Samson. Andrew M. Slobodien, AM'90, see 1989, Jacqueline E. Edelberg. Daniel M. K. Tangherlini, AB'90, AM'91, married Theresa A. Picillo on June 17, 1995, at St. Joseph's on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Many U of C alumni, including the groom's father, Frank R. Tangherlini, SM'52, attended the wedding, reception, or after-hours party. Since 1991, Dan has been working for the executive office of the president's Office of Management and Budget. He and his wife are restoring a turn-of-the-century row house on Capitol Hill and have two dogs, Lucy and Lily.


    Julian M. Cohen, AB'91, received his M.F.A. in creative writing from the University of Miami in May 1995. Now the marketing manager for Hypercom Latino America, a data-communications company, he pens screenplays in his off hours and goes to the beach on weekends. "Life is grand," he writes. Christine A. Dolan, AB'91, AM'92, took doctoral exams in March in the Spanish and Portuguese department's doctoral program at Yale. She was teaching an undergraduate Spanish course five days each week and working as a research assistant, finding bio-bibliographical information on 52 authors chosen to appear in The Oxford Anthology of the Latin American Short Story. Dolan still runs and plays basketball.

    Christine A. Dannhausen, AB'91, and Christian T. Brun, SB'92, were married December 22 in Door Country, WI. They describe it as a "fairy-tale Christmas wedding" in which the bride wore a red-velvet cape as they rode to the reception in a horse-drawn carriage. Maria Leonor G. Jison, AB'92, was a bridesmaid, while readers included Katarzyna C. Szydagis, AB'86, PhD'95; Kimberly A. Burke, AB'92; and Linda M. McDermott, AB'92. Ushers included Eric A. Brown, AB'91, AM'93, and Marcello Cherchi, AB'92, AM'92. The couple's new last name is Dannhausen-Brun. Christian is a third-year medical student at Northwestern and Christine is a project administrator at La Rabida-University of Chicago Research and Policy Center, as well as working on her master's of public health at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Kurt C. Kamper, AB'91, married Susan Ann Stiffe on December 30 in her hometown of Caspian, MI. David Navarro, AB'90, was a groomsman. The Kampers graduated in May from medical school at the University of Illinois in Peoria and applied to residency programs in family practice. "We look forward to a future practice as Drs. Kamper and Kamper!" he writes. Henry A. Kandel, AB'91, see 1993, Edmund C. O'Brien. Kristin E. Maschka, AB'91, AM'93, and J. David Hitchcock, AB'93, were married in July 1994 in Mankato, MN. Mary M. Johnston, AB'91, was in the wedding party. The couple lived in Washington, DC, from 1993 until July 1995, when they moved to Pasadena, CA. Maschka is director of technology for a K-12 school and Hitchcock has applied to L.A.-area law schools for fall 1996. Mark E. McArdle, AB'91, writes, "Using morally questionable tactics (and my broad liberal-arts education), I have become Emperor of Antarctica, where I am loved and feared by thousands of penguins." Abel Mojica, AB'91, and Dyan Bargfrede Mojica, AB'91, announce the November 9 birth of son Nathan Abel. The Mojicas would happily send pictures to any long-lost U of C friends who call. Liza M. Perkins, AB'91, has finished a two-year stint in Brazil and is now back in New York, where she works with George K. Hersh, AB'80, MBA'82, and Rafael Solis, MBA'94, at Barings. Perkins reports that Roberto Apelfeld, PhD'90, works at JP Morgan in New York; Jose M. Garza, AB'90, MBA'92, works at Merrill Lynch in London; and David L. Zweifler, AB'93, is in investment banking in Jakarta. Perkins also stays in touch with Carol L. Berrigan, AB'92, who works for a government-consulting firm in Washington, DC, and is "doing brilliantly." Penny T. Tucker, AB'91, is in her third year of a Harvard doctoral program in the history of American civilization. Norman L. Tuttle, SB'91, married Rivkah Dvir on November 23. They now live in Monsey, NY.


    Carol L. Berrigan, AB'92, see 1991, Liza M. Perkins. Christian T. Brun, SB'92, see 1991, Christine A. Dannhausen. Thomas W. Dooley, AB'92, just finished his third year of teaching high-school English in "bush Alaska." He also coached the Nenana boys' high-school basketball team. "Spent a month last summer checking out the Southwest," he writes. "We're ready for someplace warmer!" Cynthia L. Johnson, AB'92, is the director of the Youth at Risk project Pine Ridge Tiwahe Okolakiciye on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Lesley F. Kim, AB'92, graduated in May 1995 from the University of California Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco. At commencement, the Hastings alumni association honored her as an outstanding student leader. She is now a litigation associate at the San Francisco law firm of Walsworth, Franklin, Bevins & McCall. Kim reports on three alumni friends: Warren B. Frankel, AB'92, works in Tucson, AZ, and stood on the sidelines at this year's Super Bowl; Kristen A. Miller, AB'92, is writing her first novel; and Bibiana J. Kim, AB'92, was married last March at Bond Chapel.

    Ming-Long Lam, PhD'92, has been a statistician at SPSS Inc. in Chicago for three years. Panina Medow Licht, AB'92, see 1990, Michael I. Oberlander. Anita J. Pickens, MBA'92, is general manager of the Detroit service center of Joseph T. Ryerson & Son, a nationwide distributor of metals and industrial plastics. Michael S. Post, SB'92, and Tammy L. Smith, AB'93, were married September 3 at Park Synagogue in Cleveland, OH. The wedding party included Nikolaus R. McFarland, AB'92, and Leah H. Gold, SB'95. After a honeymoon in Israel, the couple returned to L.A., where Michael is a computer consultant and Tammy is an associate producer for an educational software company. Craig J. Rich, AM'92, is an adjunct professor at Montclair State University in New Jersey.


    Marc F. Archambeau, AB'93, announces the start of Sullen Industries and that Isabella Arce Guiterrez of Tiajuana, Mexico, received the 1995-96 Archambeau-DuPont grant. He reports that Amanda H. Phillips, AB'95, the 1994-95 recipient of the grant, "is doing well studying Arabic and taking in the sights of Tunis." Archambeau adds, "A special thanks to professors Weil, Zonis, Zmijewski, and my sister Blair E. Archambeau, AB'81, MBA'90, who have always opened doors and rebuilt my burnt bridges." Patricia L. Cheng, AB'93, worked as a copy editor for a small-town newspaper in central Pennsylvania during the summer of 1993 before going to Cambridge University to study music for a year as recipient of the Gaylord Donnelley exchange scholarsip. "I enjoyed the academic challenge and the social environment, not to mention the chance to travel throughout England and Europe," she writes. She just finished her second year at Yale Law School, where she is also a research assistant. Cheng worked at a law firm in London last summer and is employed at firms in New York and Boston this summer.

    Albert G. Chou, AB'93, and Kevin D. Fazendeiro, AB'95, have decided to write a book on thoroughbred horse racing. William C. Getz, MBA'93, is an associate in transportation-and-gaming investment banking with Lehman Brothers. He had been in mergers and acquisitions at Prudential Securities since leaving Chicago. He writes, "In November, consistent with my passion of building and racing American muscle cars, I bought a 1968 Chevrolet RS Z28 Camaro, which I plan to restore and race in vintage-car races." J. David Hitchcock, AB'93, see 1991, Kristin E. Maschka. Jacob Licht, AB'93, see 1990, Michael I. Oberlander. Joshua M. Lupkin, AB'93, received his M.A. in U.S. history from Columbia University in 1995 and passed his oral exams for the Ph.D. He is a teaching assistant and working on his dissertation with Kenneth T. Jackson, AM'63, PhD'66, as his adviser. Edmund C. O'Brien, AB'93, returned to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August to perform for three weeks with the Sheila Improvisational Theater Group at The Gilded Balloon. Sheila also includes J. Derek Hartman, AB'90; Henry A. Kandel, AB'91; and Dana M. Allande, AB'94. Sheila continues to perform at Jimmy's Woodlawn Tap and the Organic Theater. Andrew C. Schneider, AB'93, presented his first academic conference paper, "Psychological Disarmament: The Re-education of German and Japanese Veterans Under American Occupation," at the 1995 Society for Military History Conference. He received his M.A. in history from Duke in September. Aaron B. Sheffey, AB'93, is a graduate student in urban planning and policy at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and is a research assistant at UIC's Urban Transportation Center. Tammy L. Smith, AB'93, see 1992, Michael S. Post. Jeffrey J. Tolin, AB'93, received his J.D. from NYU's law school in May and then began full-time work at the New York law firm of Chadbourne & Parke. Wanda M. Turks, AB'93, received a master of arts management degree from Carnegie Mellon in May 1995 and is now a program associate at the Alford Group in Skokie, IL. Amanda F. Weaver-Eckert, AB'94, lives in Marburg, Germany-where she studied and worked for two years while an undergraduate-with her husband, Jörg, a law student, and daughter Nadja, 2. David L. Zweifler, AB'93, see 1991, Liza M. Perkins.


    Dana M. Allande, AB'94, see 1993, Edmund C. O'Brien. Sarah Drucker, SB'94, and Andrew Sword, AB'94, were married in July 1995 in La Jolla, CA. The wedding party included Michael C. Dodge, AB'93; Kenneth C. Lee, AB'93; and Elena V. Tuskenis, AB'94. Drucker received her master's degree from the University of California, San Diego, and is working on a Ph.D. in mathematics at Michigan State University, while Sword is in medical school at the University of Michigan. Michael P. Heilen, AB'94, spent four months in Volcano National Park, HI, at Mt. Kilauea, mapping archaeological sites that were threatened by a newly discovered lava stream. Leo F. Kowalyk, AB'94, MAT'94, teaches English to freshmen and sophomores at Maine West and Maine South high schools in Des Plaines, IL. He's also an assistant coach for the freshman football team, which finished second in the conference. Wesley D. McGhee, AB'94, spent the 1994-95 athletic season coaching the throwing events for the U of C track-and-field team. He works as a special agent for the U.S. Department of Labor, based in Chicago. Shobita Parthasarathy, AB'94, studies science and technology policy, biomedical ethics, health policy, and public health as a research associate at the National Academy of Sciences. V. Sendhil Revuluri, AB'94, took both a business trip around the world and a trip to India with his family early this year. He appeared on Jeopardy! in April and still works at Swiss Bank Corporation in Chicago. Rafael Solis, MBA'94, see 1991, Liza M. Perkins. Uma Subramanian, AB'94, is in the class of 1999 at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine. Sukumar C. Thanawala, MBA'94, is working for QRM, Inc., after "an excellent experience at Van Kampen." Wendy Dooley Thompson, AB'94, and Paul R. Thompson, MBA'94, were married on July 31, 1994. They recently bought a house in Beverly, IL. Wendy is a financial analyst at Goldman, Sachs. Amanda F. Weaver-Eckert, AB'94, see 1993, Amanda F. Weaver-Eckert.


    Tanya E. Buhk, JD'95, joined the law firm of Warner Norcross & Judd as an associate in its Holland, MI, office. Kevin D. Fazendeiro, AB'95, see 1993, Albert G. Chou. John Goldberg, AB'95, attends the University of Massachusetts Medical School. He doesn't yet have a home page URL, but encourages E-mail for procrastination purposes. His address is Amanda H. Phillips, AB'95, see 1993, Marc F. Archambeau.

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