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August 1996

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Part of Something Larger: The Public Service Citations

Angelica Harter, AM'60
Harter volunteers as the full-time director of Boston's Refugee Immigration Ministry, a nonprofit group that provides services for refugees, political asylum seekers, and others detained by the Immigration and Naturalization Service. In the past year, RIM assisted several hundred people from 46 countries by providing counseling, legal referrals, help for their families, and housing aid.

Thelma Iselman Hayes, AB'40
In 1983, Hayes founded the North Coastal Alliance for the Mentally Ill of San Diego County--a support, advocacy, education, and research group. Now a board member of the California Alliance for the Mentally Ill, Hayes has cowritten a series of articles to educate the public about mental illnesses. In 1995, her home city of Carlsbad named her citizen of the year.

Lorraine Moss, PhB'33
An advocate for senior citizens, Moss has headed the advisory council to Chicago's Department on Aging, represented Illinois at the White House Conference on Aging, and spoken at the first annual conference for the National Eldercare Institute on Older Women. Her best-known effort, the Sensory Assistance Program, helps doctors and hospital staff identify patients who are blind and deaf.

William Naito, AM'51
Naito, named the "First Citizen" of Portland, OR, dedicated himself to preserving historic areas and buildings and battling urban sprawl to make his city one of America's most livable. A cultural philanthropist, he helped create Portland's Saturday Market and artquake festival, as well as his crowning achievement, the Japanese American Historical Plaza. Naito died in early May; see "Deaths."

  • Alumni Medal : Abner Mikva, JD'51, "Dissenting Opinion."

  • University Alumni Service Medal: Joseph Ceithaml, SB'37, PhD'41

  • At the Top of Their Class: The Professional Achievement Citations
    • Roger Black, X'70
    • Bimla Buti, PhD'62
    • Joseph Epstein, AB'59
    • John Mace Grunsfeld, SM'84, PhD'88
    • Donald Hopkins, MD'66
    • Tsuen-hsuin Tsien, AM'52, PhD'57
    • Nicholas T. Zervas, MD'54

  • True to Their School: The Alumni Service Citations
    • Andrew W. Brown, AB'80, AM'80, MBA'82
    • Ida DePencier, PhB'28, AM'50
    • Danette (Dani) Gentile Kauffman, AM'69
    • Edgar Micael Larsen, MBA'68
    • Stephanie Dolan Larsen, AM'66
    • Brace Pattou, AB'45
    • Sydney Rosen, PhB'46, AM'49, PhD'73
    • Dennis C. Waldon, AB'69

  • Leading the Way: The Young Alumni Service Citations
    • Elizabeth Hutar, AB'83
    • Punita Khanna, AB'83, SM'86
    • Elana Muehleip, MBA'90
    • Robert Robinson, AM'87

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